Sunday, April 21, 2013

Perfect Los Angeles Weekend In The Sun

[COMMENT]It was wonderful to finally see and walk the campus of USC on Saturday at the LA Times Festival of Books. I have lived in So Cal since 1968 and just never got there. The campus is just beautiful. The students that live on campus must love it. And I was surprised at all the bikes. Everyone there has a bike, they are all lined up neatly in these huge bike racks in front of every dorm building. I knew as Deb and I walked south near that iconic Clock Tower building that we were just across the street from Exposition Park and the Rose Garden and Natural History Museum that I had been to as a kid.

We walked to the light and to my surprise saw a huge train platform that said Expo Line to Culver City. A large police presence was welcome, I never gave this last week a thought walking around. Walking though the Rose Garden was peaceful and it looks the same as it did, probably in 1973 as a ten year old I was there on a field trip from school. Just a beautiful place. We walked to the Natural History Museum and over to the Colosseum. Colosseum has new paint in the Trojan colors. Still looks good after all these years. I spotted a huge and new California Science Center building. I knew the Space Shuttle Endeavor was there at it's new home. I thought we could walk over there. It turns out it's only $2 to see the shuttle so we did. Amazing!
We arrived at the Festival of Books at 9:30am and like a flash of light it was 2pm. We had lunch at a great food truck. I wanted to wait around for [Larry Elder] to be interviewed at the C-Span Book TV bus, but was just wiped out from all the walking. Great day to see this beautiful campus and all the people walking around. And got to see some live radio with KFWBs' [Maggie McKay] and [Michael Shappee].

All the photos from Saturday can be viewed here:

[RADIO]Really great article in this Sunday's Daily News by KABC talk show host [Doug McIntyre].
[Doug McIntyre]: Finding solace in a stray cat's life after OD'ing on death
Doug for many years had a cat he called Húsið köttur (house cat, pronounced whos cooter). I had to find an English to Icelandic dictionary to get that spelled right. I'm wondering if that's the cat he is speaking of that died a few weeks ago. Many a night on Red Eye Radio he would talk about that cat. I've never understood or thought of Doug as a cat person or a pet person at all. He talks about OD'ing on death the last couple of months and I can relate, the news and personal loss can hit you hard in the head.

Looks like [Adam Carolla] is taking this racing this pretty seriously. He won again. Second year in a row. The celebrity race at the Long beach Grand Prix.

[Larry Elder] interviewed by C-Span Book TV at the LA Times Festival of Books Saturday. Interview starts 4 minutes 30 in.

On Sunday writing this I'm seeing that [Dennis Prager] was also interviewed on Book TV. If I would have known that I would have gone on Sunday. I didn't hear him mention that he would be there. The video is up to view.

[Stephanie Miller] on Friday was way good sitting in for Conway, more KFI.

[QUOTE]“The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back in your pocket.” - [Will Rogers]

[THUMBS DOWN][Geraldo Rivera] expresses regrets to his Muslim brothers and sisters and getting hammered for it. Show of hands....who listens to his show on KABC radio? ........that's what I thought. You will be hearing a lot about this tomorrow on the radio, guaranteed.

[ANYBODY?]Can't find a link to [Don Barrett's] new column in the OC Reg because of a new pay wall or a photo of [Shot Gun Tom Kelly] getting his star. How about sending me a link if you see it?

LA Freeways

Remember the Camera Store?

[PARTING SHOT]"You Judge an Ideology by it's fruit" - [Dennis Prager]

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