Friday, April 26, 2013

Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls

[COMMENT]Most nights I come home and I flip on Coast to Coast AM with [George Noory] while I'm getting cleaned up after a long day at work. I usually only hear about 30 minutes or so unless it's something good. I'm not a big fan of Noory, he's no [Art Bell], sorry. I listened to Art for soo long and it's a poor substitute. But when there is a good guest I have to listen. The other day an old guest from the [Art Bell] days was on. [Steven Greer]. He gave up his career as a ER Physician to delve into the UFO phenomenon. He thinks "Disclosure" will come soon. His website is Out of all the old [Art Bell] guests he has real credibility. I really miss Art.

[RADIO]I'm usually in the Valley after 7pm most days and I always forget to tune over to KPCC and hear who's gonna be on Fresh Air. On Wednesday I tuned over and heard [David Sadaris'] voice and I left it there. I have heard several interviews with [David Sadaris] on Fresh Air with [Terry Gross] over the years. They never disappoint. His new book title is an off the cuff non-sequitur called "Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls". David writes about his life, the strange and funny things that happen, and him reading it is just the best. In the interview he explains how a person wanted him to sign a book with kind of a cliche, and to be different he signed it with this silly non-sequitur and then thought hey I have a book title. David is a one of a kind, he shares his innermost secrets from a diary that he has kept since 1977, and its funny as hell. He's speaking voice is unique, pleasant and hilarious. He tells how at book signings he eats while people go though the line to get their book signed and that he recently wrote something in someones book that is so filthy that he can't say it on the radio. This interview on Fresh Air is a must hear.

[Mike Gallagher] is dating. Mike's wife died a few years ago and friends of his have been encouraging him to date. He has resisted. He still wears his wedding ring. But he managed to go out on a date this last week. He had a fan come up to him and say hi. He explained to his date that this rarely happens. They went to a restaurant in New York and Mike was hounded by several fans. One even sat down in his booth and was talking to him for along time. His date was not at all happy and said good night. Mike is sure he will never see her again. Mike said that he loves when fans come up to him and says it makes his life possible. Better luck next time.

This week an unusual thing happened, a female host was heard from. [Dorothy Lucey] from Fox's "Good Day LA" was sitting in for that Canadian dude on KFI at noon. I was pleasantly surprised. She sounds like the pro that she is. She did the TV show for 17 years, must have learned something. She was funny and very smooth as host. I would like to hear her have her own show. She's big on Twitter and I had a short exchange with her, too cool.

Marketplace, probably the best show on radio about business.
Can you trademark a rallying cry like 'Boston Strong'?

[OVER THE TOP]NPR Wellness Center in Cooperation with Cigna Brings In-House Healthcare to Employees. I wonder how much we are paying for that. Unreal.

[QUOTE]"I flipped the bird to [Steve Edwards] once, I thought I was off camera. I got in trouble." - [Dorothy Lucey] sitting in at KFI.

[BOOKS]Captive in Iran. I heard an interview on the [Hugh Hewitt] show this week.

[THUMBS DOWN]Los Angeles Reclaims Title As America's Traffic Congestion King

[SEEN ON THE ROAD]6am on Thursday...a deer on the 134 and 5. This is right near the LA Zoo. I also saw an ambulance on the freeway at around 8pm with no lights on, nice going genius.

[HEARD THIS]This week [Dennis Miller] and his bride Carolyn are having their 25th wedding anniversary. Dennis talks about his wife often and is a man that sounds quite content. Dennis also said that [Jeff Lynne] from ELO will be on the show in a week. I think it's May 3rd.

[PHOTO]Pantera? What is that?

[PARTING SHOT][George Lutz] was on [Dennis Miller]. [George Lutz] lost his son in Iraq. To honor him he started a cause called Honor and Remember and the The Honor and Remember Flag. This is a great cause, sign the petition and donate to this great cause. This photo is George Lutz with the bullet that killed his son.

[ON A PERSONAL NOTE]I had a Colonoscopy this week because I just turned 50. I was nervous about it, but a friend told me his story and said it's no big deal thanks to being unconscious when the procedure is done. The only pain in the ass...... about it is not eating for a day and drinking some colon cleaning juice. But you get there and they put your ass out, I mean out. And you have no recollection of it at all. And I can walk, I have no pain. Thanks to the total pros at Kaiser. Pass this message on to someone you know and get that test done, it could save your life. - JP

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