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Do You Do The NY Times Crossword In Ink?

[COMMENT] You know I'm not a person that thinks public radio should be funded by us, the tax payers. They don't even need it. They have corporate sponsors. But they do have some pretty cool shows sometimes. But....It friggen drives me nuts because sometimes I'll be driving and not wanting to ever hear any commercials (I take pride in that) I'll tune over to NPR for a few minutes. Usually 89.3 KPCC in Pasadena. And of course it's just in time for "NPR sponsors include...." I want to scream, just give me the content. Who in the hell wants to hear a list of sponsors, except the sponsors. And of course then the local host comes on "I'm [Shirley Jihad]" with local news and traffic. Just give me some All Things Considered for gods sake. I wanna hear my daily middle east mayhem report. NPR does not need local news and traffic, it's stupid, that's what AM radio is for. I wish they would understand that people just want content and all that other stuff is BS. One problem I have I guess is I'm not a normal user or listener of radio. On a show you will hear a host sometimes say they have listeners coming and going for only minutes at a time. If you are a LOYAL (that's me yelling) listener like me, its not made for you. Gotta wait through the Sit and Sleep commercial for the 97th time and maybe a PSA thrown in...1-877-cars for...........
OK enough ranting. I wanted to mention that I manage to turn on the radio every Sunday around the same time and hear NPR's Weekend Edition host [Rachel Martin] and New York Times crossword puzzle editor and NPR's Puzzlemaster [Will Shortz] do an on-air quiz. When looking up Shortz I'm just now learning that he's the New York Times crossword puzzle editor, that's a big deal. I guess some smarty pants can do that puzzle in ink, is that the big deal if you can do that? I have no idea I have never tried to go near that puzzle. Plus....I don't think I would buy the New York Times...anyway.... It's an amazing segment with some very smart people calling in. Most of the time it's a word puzzle like this:

Every answer is a two-word phrase in which the first word starts with O. Drop the O, and you'll get a new word that ends the phrase.

Does that make your head hurt like mine? It takes a quick mind and most of these callers tell the host that they have been playing for 20! And they always seem to make it though the puzzle answering the questions right. If you get a chance check it out, it's unique radio. I find it on usually around 9:30am or so on Sunday.


On Monday, [Dick Morris] will go to work for Talk Radio 1210 WPHT Philadelphia, a CBS station. This is the station where [Michael Smirconish] used to do his show. KNX here in LA would broadcast his show at night. Michael is moving to satellite radio. I used to enjoy his show occasionally when baseball or basketball was not on. I have no interest in [Dick Morris]. I've heard everything he has to say for years. He used to be on [Hannity] often and it always sounded like [Hannity] wasn't thrilled with him. Just in the last couple weeks [Morris] is running this ad on radio for his ObamaCare book, it's a dive for the radio knob kind of thing for me, his voice grates on me. I'll always remember the story of [Dick Morris] sitting in a hotel bed talking to [Clinton] with a hooker next to him and giving the phone to her to talk to Bill.
The guy is questionable at best and his predictions are losers and why would I want to listen to a radio show where he never stops talking and trying to sell his books.

[Michael Smirconish]

I asked [Doug McIntyre] via email if [Dan Finder] (Malibu Dan of KLSX fame) was working at KABC. In my last post I mentioned [Larry Elder] had mentioned his name last week. Doug told me he has been working some shifts there. How many [Dan Finders] are there? Good luck to you little buddy.

Going around the dial I heard Le Show with [Harry Shearer] is still on the air at 89.9 KCRW. Harry is best known for his voices on The Simpsons but has been doing this show since December 3, 1983. I love when he does "Apologies" and plays "We're so sorry, Uncle Albert" by the Beatles.
[QUOTE]“Spinal Tap is going to do a Where Are They Now? ...” - [Harry Shearer]

[THUMBS DOWN]Saturday during the [Lisa Ann Walter] Show on KFI [Amy King] does a story about the passing of [Jonathan Winters]. The short little interview was with "comedian" [Dane Cook]. [Dane Cook] talking about [Jonathan Winters]? from opposite ends of the universe, one's a genius the other...not so much.

[PARTING SHOT]By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth. - [George Carlin]

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