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[Jonathan Winters]

[COMMENT] Wow what a day. It just kept getting better and better. Except for the news of the passing of the great [Jonathan Winters]. I remember him on The Tonight Show with Carson and in one of my favorite movies It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. I am at the point now where when I mention someone like [Jonathan Winters], it's a good possibility that a lot of people have no idea who I'm taking about. Surprisingly I didn't hear [Dennis Miller] mention it, Winters lived in Santa Barbara. He was one of a kind and a huge talent. Go check him out of youtube.

A day after I put up a new post on the Los Angeles Listener Blog and putting up a new Twitter account (@losanglistener) I got a lot of reaction. 100 page views and 55 follows on Twitter. Thanks to everyone. Go to Twitter and follow @losanglistener

Seeing this post on facebook at 1am by [Dennis Miller] RIP Jonathan my friend. You are now the funniest soul in the next life.


Wow just hearing about this now. Southern California Radio Writer [Gary Lycan] Dies at 68.  The longtime Orange County Register radio columnist had been battling prostate cancer for the past several years and died in his sleep on Tuesday at age 68.  Gary Lycan’s final column ran in the OC Register on Saturday.  He began his career with the paper in 1962 as a copy boy and worked his way up to assistant managing editor for features – a post he held until he left his full-time position with the paper in 2002.  Since that time and up to his death, he continued to write his radio column as a freelancer.   It was widely regarded as a special window into the radio and media world for Southern California readers.

[Victoria Taft] A talk show host that was at a station in Oregon until recently and was also on with Brian and Ben at the Morning Answer at KRLA a couple of mornings a few weeks ago. I thought she sounded great. Love to hear her on a station in LA. She is also a blogger, check it out.

[Mark Levin] used to listen to the radio and even call in. From November 27, 1974 to 1994, [Bill Corsair's] show on WCAU-AM in Philly. He was on and talked about the show. He said he would send a photo of Mark with hair.

[Mike Scinto] was sitting in for [Mike Gallagher] on KRLA Friday and had the weekly appearance by Fox's [Chris Wallace]. Chris savaged [Mike Gallagher]  it was pretty funny. Then Mike had [Pat Boone] on. Pat is a hard core conservative and ranted for a few minutes. I think he's 79 now. Then I heard on [Dennis Miller] the name [Pat Boone] as Dennis ranted in some bit, it was weird. 

[Mark Thompson] Sitting for Timmy @kfi again (great show again) had on a guy named Dick Curtis who worked with Jonathan Winters. A wonderful interview. Listen to Mark's podcast The Edge:

[QUOTE] [Ben Shapiro] "I can't understand why now pig latin is music" talking about JZ in Cuba.

[Brian Whitman] "Jay Carney...human joke killer"

"From the Dow Jones Money Report...I'm [Dave Packer]" What happen to [Frank Sipola]?

[PODCASTS] Windows Weekly with Paul and Mary Jo and Leo, PC sales down down down and Windows 8 blows.

Here's the thing with [Thom Yorke] interviewed by [Alec Baldwin]...amazing. Listened to this today and I was surprised. Thom is a pretty normal guy with thoughtful answers. I've always been intrigued by Radiohead but wasn't sure what it was all about. Thom explains in detail, his music and what he's thinking when he performs and when he records. Very interesting. Also they get into his childhood in England. Like I have said many times before [Alec Baldwin] is a great interviewer no matter what you think of him and he and Thom laughed and had a good time. It's a must hear interview.

[THUMBS DOWN] You know that us as listeners when we hear live reads by a host for a commercial, we have to just sit there and take it, they are getting paid. I think it's around $250 a pop. I dive for the radio dial and shut it off, especially [Tim Conway Jr] with that Loan Mart spot, ahhh baboo.

[SEEN ON THE ROAD] Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach.


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