Sunday, April 28, 2013

“Radio Is The Theater Of The Mind; Television Is The Theater Of The Mindless” - Steve Allen

[COMMENT]You know KFI does a lot right but I do and have criticized them plenty over the years. Part of it is my problem, I'm a chronic listener of all LA radio since the 80's. I have high standards. I've heard good shows and hosts and bad and I think I know what's good and bad. It's my opinion, I get it. I don't like stupid jokes day after day (Handel) and singing and 8 year old humor (Conway). I like informative and entertaining radio with a sense of humor. [Doug McIntyre] at KABC is very good at just that recipe. Conway was great at KLSX for years, not sure what happened when he moved to KFI. Both those KFI hosts have there moments and do good stuff, but too much crap seeps in for me to waste my time. I was listening to [Bryan Suits] on Saturday, his show is called The Dark Secret Place. Bryan is brilliant and is up to date with all world events and does one hell of a show, he's got a great sense of humor as well. Not sure too many people know about this great show. I have discovered lots of hidden gems out there and there are plenty of things to listen to, it's a simple push of a button. Oh yea and [Lisa Ann Walter] too!

One very good thing that KFI is doing is having [Gary Hoffman] employed there. His Sunday morning news is killer. He's very detail oriented, he knows the stories in and out and is a great broadcaster. He's also got a great sense of humor. He does an impression of the Queen of England that would make you shoot milk out of your nose, and I'm not kidding. Gary has been with KFI since 2004 and is the news guy on [Bill Handels'] show in the morning during the week. Eventually and hopefully it will be Hoffman in the morning some time in the future, maybe when Bill decides to finally go home to the Persian Palace and lay down. That might not happen for quite awhile because for some reason the ratings are though the roof. I'm not a fan. I'm still pissed that Handel took over for a great morning show 20 years ago called TNT in the Morning with [Tracey Miller] and [Teri-Rae Elmer].

I was talking online to [Dave Williams] who did the news at KABC, he made this comment about
[Gary Hoffman]:
"When I was still in Sacramento Gary was a board operator and the man we worked for wouldn't take a chance of putting him on the air, thinking he was untested. Gary went from there to Seattle and then KFI. He's doing better than fine. The old boss lost his job and knocked around. Is now out of the business. Gary is also a camping buddy of mine. Yeah, I'm old enough to be his dad but I'm still able to kick his ass, too ;)

Gary from his show Sunday "Was in Austin this last week and had some BBQ that would make you wet your pants...and that's a good thing."

[RADIO][Dr. Dean Edell]: KFI, 2001-09. Dr. Dean gave up his syndicated show in late 2010. I heard somebody mention his name yesterday and thought, oh man I have not heard that name in years. I listened everyday, talk about a smart guy.

Interview with [Jeff Bauman], a victim of the Boston Marathon bombing

[Michael Medved] was on CNN this morning.

[TWEET]from KFI's news director [Chris Little]: ‏@THEChrisLittle Honored to be @PalisadesPizza's "sort of celeb of the day" yesterday. Too bad I live 50 miles a way. I would have ordered a pizza!

[ONLINE]From December 2012, [Barbara Streisand] on Fresh Air. I have really liked what she's done as a singer and actor over the last 40 years, but those politics.... ahhh baboo. I'm sorry this interview is just so good, it pisses me off :)

[Michael Bublé] On Fishing, Sinatra And Auto-Tune. Great interview on NPR, he's the real deal.

*** I saw [Brian Whitman] on facebook asking "Which Golden Girl is your favorite?"

[THUMBS UP]“That #WHCD was pathetic,” Palin tweeted. “The rest of America is out there working our asses off while these DC assclowns throw themselves a #nerdprom.”
- [Sarah Palin]


Arbitron and Edison Research released more data from their 2013 Infinite Dial study of over 2,000 consumers. Part of that data showed that 84% of the respondents use AM/FM radio in the car while only 12% choose online radio. The CD player was second at 63% followed by an iPod or MP3 player at 29% and Satellite Radio at 15%. Of those AM/FM users, 94% of the P1's in the Rock and Classic Rock formats listen in the car. Public Radio came in at 93% followed by News/Talk at 92% and Country at 91%.

[DIGITAL]The marketing power of hundreds of radio stations and the iHeartRadio Music Festival may be paying off for Clear Channel in its battle with Pandora to be the number one music app for the consumer. According to the data compiled by Arbitron and Edison, Pandora is by far the most recognized online music brand. One out of every five people had listened to Pandora in the past week. Seventy percent of those surveyed are aware of Pandora, compared to 45 percent who were aware of iHeartRadio. The good news for Clear Channel is that one year ago, only 31 percent were aware of iHeartRadio showing a big jump in awareness in only 12 months. Twenty-two percent were aware of Spotify in the most recent study.


[PARTING SHOT] are not Burnsy. Burnsy is Burnsy, I mean Eunice is Burnsy, I mean she isn't Burnsy. Nobody is Burnsy.
- Dr. Howard Bannister (What's Up Doc)

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls

[COMMENT]Most nights I come home and I flip on Coast to Coast AM with [George Noory] while I'm getting cleaned up after a long day at work. I usually only hear about 30 minutes or so unless it's something good. I'm not a big fan of Noory, he's no [Art Bell], sorry. I listened to Art for soo long and it's a poor substitute. But when there is a good guest I have to listen. The other day an old guest from the [Art Bell] days was on. [Steven Greer]. He gave up his career as a ER Physician to delve into the UFO phenomenon. He thinks "Disclosure" will come soon. His website is Out of all the old [Art Bell] guests he has real credibility. I really miss Art.

[RADIO]I'm usually in the Valley after 7pm most days and I always forget to tune over to KPCC and hear who's gonna be on Fresh Air. On Wednesday I tuned over and heard [David Sadaris'] voice and I left it there. I have heard several interviews with [David Sadaris] on Fresh Air with [Terry Gross] over the years. They never disappoint. His new book title is an off the cuff non-sequitur called "Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls". David writes about his life, the strange and funny things that happen, and him reading it is just the best. In the interview he explains how a person wanted him to sign a book with kind of a cliche, and to be different he signed it with this silly non-sequitur and then thought hey I have a book title. David is a one of a kind, he shares his innermost secrets from a diary that he has kept since 1977, and its funny as hell. He's speaking voice is unique, pleasant and hilarious. He tells how at book signings he eats while people go though the line to get their book signed and that he recently wrote something in someones book that is so filthy that he can't say it on the radio. This interview on Fresh Air is a must hear.

[Mike Gallagher] is dating. Mike's wife died a few years ago and friends of his have been encouraging him to date. He has resisted. He still wears his wedding ring. But he managed to go out on a date this last week. He had a fan come up to him and say hi. He explained to his date that this rarely happens. They went to a restaurant in New York and Mike was hounded by several fans. One even sat down in his booth and was talking to him for along time. His date was not at all happy and said good night. Mike is sure he will never see her again. Mike said that he loves when fans come up to him and says it makes his life possible. Better luck next time.

This week an unusual thing happened, a female host was heard from. [Dorothy Lucey] from Fox's "Good Day LA" was sitting in for that Canadian dude on KFI at noon. I was pleasantly surprised. She sounds like the pro that she is. She did the TV show for 17 years, must have learned something. She was funny and very smooth as host. I would like to hear her have her own show. She's big on Twitter and I had a short exchange with her, too cool.

Marketplace, probably the best show on radio about business.
Can you trademark a rallying cry like 'Boston Strong'?

[OVER THE TOP]NPR Wellness Center in Cooperation with Cigna Brings In-House Healthcare to Employees. I wonder how much we are paying for that. Unreal.

[QUOTE]"I flipped the bird to [Steve Edwards] once, I thought I was off camera. I got in trouble." - [Dorothy Lucey] sitting in at KFI.

[BOOKS]Captive in Iran. I heard an interview on the [Hugh Hewitt] show this week.

[THUMBS DOWN]Los Angeles Reclaims Title As America's Traffic Congestion King

[SEEN ON THE ROAD]6am on Thursday...a deer on the 134 and 5. This is right near the LA Zoo. I also saw an ambulance on the freeway at around 8pm with no lights on, nice going genius.

[HEARD THIS]This week [Dennis Miller] and his bride Carolyn are having their 25th wedding anniversary. Dennis talks about his wife often and is a man that sounds quite content. Dennis also said that [Jeff Lynne] from ELO will be on the show in a week. I think it's May 3rd.

[PHOTO]Pantera? What is that?

[PARTING SHOT][George Lutz] was on [Dennis Miller]. [George Lutz] lost his son in Iraq. To honor him he started a cause called Honor and Remember and the The Honor and Remember Flag. This is a great cause, sign the petition and donate to this great cause. This photo is George Lutz with the bullet that killed his son.

[ON A PERSONAL NOTE]I had a Colonoscopy this week because I just turned 50. I was nervous about it, but a friend told me his story and said it's no big deal thanks to being unconscious when the procedure is done. The only pain in the ass...... about it is not eating for a day and drinking some colon cleaning juice. But you get there and they put your ass out, I mean out. And you have no recollection of it at all. And I can walk, I have no pain. Thanks to the total pros at Kaiser. Pass this message on to someone you know and get that test done, it could save your life. - JP

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles. - Frank Lloyd Wright

[COMMENT]Funny to hear all the different radio and TV stations try to pronounce the terrorist's name. I must have heard 5 different ways. Is it Zzzzoooocar or Joookar? Obviously it takes a good week after something like this to get it sorted out, so we actually know what's going on. This event will change us, the way we act, where we go. Living in the US I think we are lulled a little into our lives and the comfort we have and the freedom to come and go as we please. It's more dangerous out there than we realize. Keep your eyes open and your doors locked.

[RADIO]Lots of changes at KCRW in Santa Monica. [Harry Shearer] going away and now [Tom Schnabel]. Tom used to do "Morning Becomes Eclectic" which I used to listen to a lot. I was into music that no one has ever heard of, back in the 80's and 90's. I have a ton of CD's for sale if your interested. I would tune over there and hear some pretty good stuff and some pretty crappy stuff. I'm not a fan of [Tom Schnabel] and never really liked his choices for music. Especially when he would play this song: "This is KCRW Santa Monica...Morning becomes Eclectic...I'm [Tom Schnabel]...and now here is [John Abercombie] with.......... Furs On Ice". I swear to you, he said and played that a hundred times and it's a hideous tune. I owned that album and I would always be so pissed that he didn't at least play one other tune from the album.

[Mark Levin] said yesterday that after 14 months he has submitted a new manuscript to his publisher. He should know in about week when it's scheduled to be published. Mark says that a lot of people will think it's controversial, but they shouldn't.

[INSIDE BASEBALL]Digital-only AM test shows promise.
With increasing interference and with 85.4% of listening now going to FM according to Arbitron, AM radio faces monumental challenges. One somewhat radical proposal to revitalize the heritage band would dramatically improve audio quality by transitioning the entire band to all-digital IBOC transmission and impose an analog AM sunset. That idea has just been put to the test.

[PODCASTS][Marc Maron] of the great podcast WTF has an actual TV show going on the air, it's called ‘Maron’ on IFC is premiering on May 3rd. And he also has a book coming out called Attempting Normal on April 30th.

[THUMBS DOWN]It's a secret reveled I think. Would you ever recognize this as [Reese Witherspoon?] She's always so made up, maybe she's keeps a little anonymity walking around with no make up on. Do you know my name?

[SEEN POST]A great news man with some killer pipes over at KFI does a blog. [Rob Archer] over in that smelly news closet bangs this out occasionally. Archervox. Very well done. I could learn something from this high quality blog.

[HEARD THIS]I was dialing around and heard [Debra Mark] on KPCC. She used to do the news at KABC. Her Linked In profile says: I am the morning-drive news anchor on KSLX FM in Phoenix, AZ and I am also an anchor on KFNN Am in Phoenix, AZ. She's a nice girl from Tarzana, I worked at Bea's Bakery Debra!

****I heard that [Dorothy Lucey] is going to be sitting in at noon on Wednesday at KFI. I predict lots of laughs.

[PURE LA]A Dirty Bentley

[PHOTO]Our Fair City

[PODCASTS][Adam Carolla] on O'Reilly. Why US is target of Muslim terrorism: ‘They hate our culture’ [VIDEO]

[PARTING SHOT]"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” - [Dr. Seuss]

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Perfect Los Angeles Weekend In The Sun

[COMMENT]It was wonderful to finally see and walk the campus of USC on Saturday at the LA Times Festival of Books. I have lived in So Cal since 1968 and just never got there. The campus is just beautiful. The students that live on campus must love it. And I was surprised at all the bikes. Everyone there has a bike, they are all lined up neatly in these huge bike racks in front of every dorm building. I knew as Deb and I walked south near that iconic Clock Tower building that we were just across the street from Exposition Park and the Rose Garden and Natural History Museum that I had been to as a kid.

We walked to the light and to my surprise saw a huge train platform that said Expo Line to Culver City. A large police presence was welcome, I never gave this last week a thought walking around. Walking though the Rose Garden was peaceful and it looks the same as it did, probably in 1973 as a ten year old I was there on a field trip from school. Just a beautiful place. We walked to the Natural History Museum and over to the Colosseum. Colosseum has new paint in the Trojan colors. Still looks good after all these years. I spotted a huge and new California Science Center building. I knew the Space Shuttle Endeavor was there at it's new home. I thought we could walk over there. It turns out it's only $2 to see the shuttle so we did. Amazing!
We arrived at the Festival of Books at 9:30am and like a flash of light it was 2pm. We had lunch at a great food truck. I wanted to wait around for [Larry Elder] to be interviewed at the C-Span Book TV bus, but was just wiped out from all the walking. Great day to see this beautiful campus and all the people walking around. And got to see some live radio with KFWBs' [Maggie McKay] and [Michael Shappee].

All the photos from Saturday can be viewed here:

[RADIO]Really great article in this Sunday's Daily News by KABC talk show host [Doug McIntyre].
[Doug McIntyre]: Finding solace in a stray cat's life after OD'ing on death
Doug for many years had a cat he called Húsið köttur (house cat, pronounced whos cooter). I had to find an English to Icelandic dictionary to get that spelled right. I'm wondering if that's the cat he is speaking of that died a few weeks ago. Many a night on Red Eye Radio he would talk about that cat. I've never understood or thought of Doug as a cat person or a pet person at all. He talks about OD'ing on death the last couple of months and I can relate, the news and personal loss can hit you hard in the head.

Looks like [Adam Carolla] is taking this racing this pretty seriously. He won again. Second year in a row. The celebrity race at the Long beach Grand Prix.

[Larry Elder] interviewed by C-Span Book TV at the LA Times Festival of Books Saturday. Interview starts 4 minutes 30 in.

On Sunday writing this I'm seeing that [Dennis Prager] was also interviewed on Book TV. If I would have known that I would have gone on Sunday. I didn't hear him mention that he would be there. The video is up to view.

[Stephanie Miller] on Friday was way good sitting in for Conway, more KFI.

[QUOTE]“The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back in your pocket.” - [Will Rogers]

[THUMBS DOWN][Geraldo Rivera] expresses regrets to his Muslim brothers and sisters and getting hammered for it. Show of hands....who listens to his show on KABC radio? ........that's what I thought. You will be hearing a lot about this tomorrow on the radio, guaranteed.

[ANYBODY?]Can't find a link to [Don Barrett's] new column in the OC Reg because of a new pay wall or a photo of [Shot Gun Tom Kelly] getting his star. How about sending me a link if you see it?

LA Freeways

Remember the Camera Store?

[PARTING SHOT]"You Judge an Ideology by it's fruit" - [Dennis Prager]

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Radio...a Constantly Changing Art Form.....

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[COMMENT]I knew when I heard the news last night about the MIT officer being killed that I would have to get up early to hear something important.

Big News this morning! [Don Barrett] of fame is now the new Radio columnist for the Orange County Register, taking over for Gary Lycan who passed away recently. This is really exciting. I think his column will be great, Don is always on top of the latest. I really look forward to it.

Ratings for the morning drive shows at local stations came out on Monday. It's shocking frankly. It shows a whole lot of people are still listening to local top 40 music. Why? With all the digital choices why would someone turn on KIIS FM? Must be to listen to [Ryan Seacrest]. KFI is on top with of course [Bill Handel] in the morning. And very sadly KABC is in 33rd place, and what I think is the best radio station for talk radio in town, KRLA came in 40th. Time to step up that ad campaign guys. Not enough people know about the great morning show that's fairly new "The Morning Answer" with [Brian Whitman], [Ben Shapiro] and [Elisha Krauss]. Not to mention the long time great show over at KABC with [Doug McIntyre] and [Teri-Rae Elmer]. In my mind these shows are like college courses. Doug, who has years and years of analyzing the news and talking to newsmakers. These shows are absolutely invaluable to be an informed voter and citizen. The huge value of talk radio is yet to be discovered by the main stream in my mind.

[RADIO]This weekend is the LA Times Festival of Books at the campus of USC. It's going to be a beautiful day, looking forward to it. [Larry Elder] said that he will be there and that at 4:30 he will be interviewed by C-Span and Book TV.

Yesterday Larry said something unbelievable. He was playing "Love Shack" by the B-52's as bumper music. He said he had never heard of this band. How is that possible? :)

I turned on [Dennis Miller] last night to hear him kind of groggy. He sounded tired and loopy. He said that in order for him to sleep he had to take a Xani (Xanax). He was laughing a lot and sounded pretty strange. On several occasions hes sounded like this because he had to take an Ambien. He's pretty upfront about it all and his occasional sleeping problems. For those that don't know, Dennis does his show from his house in Santa Barbara, so he pretty much rolls out of bed and into his spare bedroom studio.

Radio Legend [Jim Bohannon] Celebrates 30 Years in Syndication. The lifelong radio broadcaster has been in national syndication with Dial Global and its predecessors for 30 years as of Friday, April 19 when he celebrates that mark. [Jim Bohannon] began with the old Mutual Radio Network as a reporter and then started filling in for [Larry King] on his nationally syndicated program. The network was acquired by Westwood One and Bohannon took over for King’s late night slot in 1993. Bohannon recently re-signed with Dial Global (which acquired Westwood One) and will be honored with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from TALKERS magazine at the Talkers New York 2013 industry convention in New York City on Thursday, June 6.

[Stephanie Miller] is in for Conway Friday, reported by Conway as a "Big Deal" for some reason. Tuning around Thursday at 7:30pm I heard [Brian Whitman's] voice doing his unmistakable impression of [Louis Anderson]. You can hear this great bit at 17 minutes into the podcast on the website:

[QUOTE] "From ABC News....I'm [Doug Limerick]"
Always liked this guy and always recognize his voice.

"I'm in Google's Pants" - [Jeff Jarvis] on TWIG

[PODCASTS]Listening to TWIG (This Week in Google) [Leo Laporte] says that his new show TWIYT (This Week in YouTube) has been taken down by YouTube for questionable content. Leo has had a hell of a time with YouTube because his shows contain commercials and in this case is said to have Hungarian content, ahhh no it doesn't. One thing mentioned on TWIG was that Goggle Glass is being shipped and handed out to the people that last year put up $1500. This is a glasses frame that has a computer interface, you can see a tiny screen in your right eye. An article and unboxing of this new experimental product here:

New word coined for annoying people wearing Google Glass: Glasshole


[Jim Wallis] was on a couple different shows this week. [Hugh Hewitt] had it out in a very contentious interview. Never heard Hewitt sound like that. Good radio.

On with [Michael Medved] this week, [Andrew McCarthy].

Bad Samaritans: The ACLU's Relentless Campaign to Erase Faith from the Public Square By [Jerome Corsi] "Strange visitor from the East"

[THUMBS DOWN]I heard that the Obama administration only sent low level staff to the funeral of [Margaret Thatcher].

[QUESTION]What ingredient in [Dennis Millers'] "Soup of the Day" has appeared in every soup this year?


[HEARD THIS]When [Larry Elder] signs off for the day he says "Drive in with [Doug McIntyre] and [Teri-Rae Elmer], then [Mark Levin] at 6pm and [Peter Tilden] at 9pm" Who's missing here? Hannity. Why does he leave it out?

The Investigative Project on Terrorism

Several tech blogs are reporting that, while Samsung's first three devices had FM radio, the latest release of the phone does not. And, it went unnoticed (the phone was released in March) until now. The official Samsung release, posted on the tech sites is, "Our studies show a trend shift of interest to digital broadcasting, specifically – focus on listening to music content in social networks or on the channel YouTube. The flagship model of our products are focused on customers who use digital content, which use modern formats and channels of information consumption."


Bomb Squad 101 North

Bomb Squad 101 North

5 South

[PARTING SHOT]"The radio makes hideous sounds" - [Bob Dylan]

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We Own This Place

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[COMMENT]I'm out in the world for about 10 hours a day. I see people, very busy people living their lives. These bombings in Boston have changed us. I think a lot of people would not pay any attention to a guy with a big black bag walking on the sidewalk. Sadly I think this will happen again. Former Mayor [Giuliani] is surprised it hasn't happen more, I am too. I think we are all naive about who's out in the world. Everyday I see potentially scary people. I always get back in my vehicle and lock the door, always. If I see someone pull up close to me and park, I let them get out and go where ever they are going then I get out. I avoid tattooed 20 somethings, I walk across the street to avoid anybody that looks strange. It may sound over the top, but I'm paranoid. I didn't used to be. My intention all along was to be an informed voter but keeping up on what's going on in the world does something to you. The news of the world is intense and will hit you hard in the head. In my life recently I have found that it must be taken in small portions because it can ruin your day or week and change you. We need to pay attention and do something when we see something that is not right. As [Clint Eastwood] said "We own this place". I'm sure that is forefront in the minds of the people of Boston.

[RADIO]It's weird, I just wrote about [Harry Shearer] the other day and now his show of 30 years at NPR's KCRW in Santa Monica has been canceled. When I listened to it last weekend Harry sounded off his game. Their were long pauses between things, a tell I believe.

Yesterday was the birthday of KABC long time broadcaster [Michael Jackson]. I listened to [Michael Jackson] everyday in the 80's, for years. I got a education on the Middle East from Michael, and I didn't even know what a Conservative or a Liberal was then. Michael came to work everyday for 30 years with a white shirt, tie and a jacket, class act.

I told you, I'm just say'n......
Review: [Dick Morris’] Philly Talk Radio Debut
Remember when CBS Radio put [David Lee Roth] on the air?
By [Stephen Silver]

Article by the brilliant [Ben Shapiro]
The Boston Bombing and the Nature of Evil

Yesterday in the second hour of [Mark Levins'] show he talked about an article he thought was very important. From July of 2012
America’s New Bomb Threat
Some of the deadliest weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan—improvised explosive devices, or IEDs—are heading to U.S. shores, warns a top general.

[QUOTE] "Eeeeboozee..ahhhziii....I feel like I'm reading a comic book Mr. Producer" - [Mark Levin]

[THUMBS DOWN]I rarely listen to [Tim Conway Jr] on KFI, no really Conway, rarely. Here is A reason. Conway comes on at 7pm Tuesday night. Conway and [Aron Bender] are singing "Sweet Caroline" by [Neil Diamond]. I know they think this is hysterical, me not so much. I think generally KFI is in a bubble of "we can do no wrong". I like [Mark Thompson] a lot, more of him would be great.

[SEEN ON THE ROAD]I think this is the very old downtown LA courthouse. It's finally being refurbished after sitting empty for so many years. This covering and flag just went up, appropriate I think for this week.

[HEARD THIS]That commercial for 'The Total Transformation" drives me nuts. What is it? They never say. I think it must be a Louisville Slugger. There are a bunch of videos on youtube doing spoofs on this.

[MUSIC]Yes I actually turned on some music yesterday, in a method to avoid hearing commercials. I turned on a pretty good station, 100.3 The Sound and heard [Rita Wildes'] voice. Long time music director from KLOS. She was playing a tune I have not heard in years, "I'm loosing you" from [John Lennons'] 1980 DOUBLE FANTASY album. Great tune.

And one more. I heard a new tune by [Michael Buble'] that is just out of this world great.
"It's a Beautiful Day"

[PARTING SHOT]“When I die, I want to die like my grandfather who died peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car.” - [Will Rogers]

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

God Speed Boston

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[COMMENT]Well the world got hijacked from our normal lives to this hideous event yesterday. I'm so numb to the horrifying daily events in the news, they are just soo overwhelming I have to look away. I made the mistake of seeing a couple photos from yesterday that I will never forget. I'm lucky that I'm in the position that I don't see any TV. It's mostly just radio and posts online. If you were to sit down and think about what happened in detail you would end up in a mental hospital. It's unfathomable to think about what these poor people went though. This is evil. We can be proud of the first responders who were right there to take care of business. I think all the shows in LA and the national shows did a great job. God Speed and I'm sure the people of Boston will not be deterred in anything they do. They are very tough people.

[RADIO]Monday [Doug McIntyre] had Radio icon [Gary Owens] on to talk about [Jonathan Winters]. This is an amazing few minutes. [Doug McIntyre] was invited up to see [Jonathan Winters] at his house. This happened because Doug is a serious historian on the [Wright Brothers] and Winters Grandfather actually had some financial interest in the [Wright Brothers], too cool. Gotta hear this 4 minutes. It's right at the top of the show at this link.

4/15/13 No one 'Beliebs' - 7AM

[Gary Lycan] Memorial. Friday April 19th from 11-2
Orange County Register
625 N. Grand Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92701
At Hoils Hall 1st Floor
Everyone is Welcome
I'll be there.
facebook page for the Memorial

From the weekend on NPR, Fresh Air had a segment on [Johnny Cash] and a 63 disk box set that is coming out that offers a complete retrospective of the Man in Black's storied career.

K-EARTH 101′s [“Shotgun Tom” Kelly] To Receive The 2,496th Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame. This link has audio from his on air announcement.
Tuesday, April 30th at 11:30am at 7080 Hollywood Boulevard, at the corner of Hollywood & LaBrea, next to the star of the late Real Don Steele, who formerly hosted the afternoons on K-EARTH 101!

[PODCASTS][Marc Maron] drove up to Santa Barbara to see [Jonathan Winters] in a March 23rd interview.

NPR and [Alec Baldwin] Here's The Thing with guest [Debbie Reynolds]

This photo from 1951, click to enlarge.

“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”- [Edward R. Murrow]

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Do You Do The NY Times Crossword In Ink?

[COMMENT] You know I'm not a person that thinks public radio should be funded by us, the tax payers. They don't even need it. They have corporate sponsors. But they do have some pretty cool shows sometimes. But....It friggen drives me nuts because sometimes I'll be driving and not wanting to ever hear any commercials (I take pride in that) I'll tune over to NPR for a few minutes. Usually 89.3 KPCC in Pasadena. And of course it's just in time for "NPR sponsors include...." I want to scream, just give me the content. Who in the hell wants to hear a list of sponsors, except the sponsors. And of course then the local host comes on "I'm [Shirley Jihad]" with local news and traffic. Just give me some All Things Considered for gods sake. I wanna hear my daily middle east mayhem report. NPR does not need local news and traffic, it's stupid, that's what AM radio is for. I wish they would understand that people just want content and all that other stuff is BS. One problem I have I guess is I'm not a normal user or listener of radio. On a show you will hear a host sometimes say they have listeners coming and going for only minutes at a time. If you are a LOYAL (that's me yelling) listener like me, its not made for you. Gotta wait through the Sit and Sleep commercial for the 97th time and maybe a PSA thrown in...1-877-cars for...........
OK enough ranting. I wanted to mention that I manage to turn on the radio every Sunday around the same time and hear NPR's Weekend Edition host [Rachel Martin] and New York Times crossword puzzle editor and NPR's Puzzlemaster [Will Shortz] do an on-air quiz. When looking up Shortz I'm just now learning that he's the New York Times crossword puzzle editor, that's a big deal. I guess some smarty pants can do that puzzle in ink, is that the big deal if you can do that? I have no idea I have never tried to go near that puzzle. Plus....I don't think I would buy the New York Times...anyway.... It's an amazing segment with some very smart people calling in. Most of the time it's a word puzzle like this:

Every answer is a two-word phrase in which the first word starts with O. Drop the O, and you'll get a new word that ends the phrase.

Does that make your head hurt like mine? It takes a quick mind and most of these callers tell the host that they have been playing for 20! And they always seem to make it though the puzzle answering the questions right. If you get a chance check it out, it's unique radio. I find it on usually around 9:30am or so on Sunday.


On Monday, [Dick Morris] will go to work for Talk Radio 1210 WPHT Philadelphia, a CBS station. This is the station where [Michael Smirconish] used to do his show. KNX here in LA would broadcast his show at night. Michael is moving to satellite radio. I used to enjoy his show occasionally when baseball or basketball was not on. I have no interest in [Dick Morris]. I've heard everything he has to say for years. He used to be on [Hannity] often and it always sounded like [Hannity] wasn't thrilled with him. Just in the last couple weeks [Morris] is running this ad on radio for his ObamaCare book, it's a dive for the radio knob kind of thing for me, his voice grates on me. I'll always remember the story of [Dick Morris] sitting in a hotel bed talking to [Clinton] with a hooker next to him and giving the phone to her to talk to Bill.
The guy is questionable at best and his predictions are losers and why would I want to listen to a radio show where he never stops talking and trying to sell his books.

[Michael Smirconish]

I asked [Doug McIntyre] via email if [Dan Finder] (Malibu Dan of KLSX fame) was working at KABC. In my last post I mentioned [Larry Elder] had mentioned his name last week. Doug told me he has been working some shifts there. How many [Dan Finders] are there? Good luck to you little buddy.

Going around the dial I heard Le Show with [Harry Shearer] is still on the air at 89.9 KCRW. Harry is best known for his voices on The Simpsons but has been doing this show since December 3, 1983. I love when he does "Apologies" and plays "We're so sorry, Uncle Albert" by the Beatles.
[QUOTE]“Spinal Tap is going to do a Where Are They Now? ...” - [Harry Shearer]

[THUMBS DOWN]Saturday during the [Lisa Ann Walter] Show on KFI [Amy King] does a story about the passing of [Jonathan Winters]. The short little interview was with "comedian" [Dane Cook]. [Dane Cook] talking about [Jonathan Winters]? from opposite ends of the universe, one's a genius the other...not so much.

[PARTING SHOT]By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth. - [George Carlin]

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