Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How Is It That You Have A Radio Show?

I had a back and forth with Conway tonight on Twitter. He's sitting in front of a computer and he can't come up with the death date of Lincoln. He was talking about Lincoln for some reason and he said "I have no idea when he died". I sent him a Tweet and said "April 15, 1865, if you read books maybe you would know that, you are just pathetic dude" He sent me a Tweet back "We can't all be awesome". If you could just do a simple search on Wikipedia that would do it genius. He also says on the air repeatedly for years that he doesn't read. That would be books and whatever. You are going to admit that to all of LA on the radio really? You don't read really? I can tell he doesn't read, ahh baboo. He's just not a bright person. I have listened to him for going on 16 years. I don't know what happened when he moved to KFI. I think he's just phoning it in. The show just sucks so bad. When he was at KLSX I think he put more effort into it. Even Fridays with Steckler is not a good show. Now it's just awful, I mean really awful. I guarantee there is no show prep going on here. It's just not listenable at all. It's singing and yelling into the mic "Ding Dong" and just crap. I seriously have no idea how he's on KFI doing a show. It sucks Conway. I bet Stec thinks so too. Aron Bender really loves it though, that's something.

Adam Carolla shows up on Prager for 15 minutes today. I discovered that Adam and Dennis are doing another appearance at the Redondo Performing Arts Center this October 27th. I went right away and got two seats. I have never seen these guys before. I got the wife and I 5th row seats, can't wait.

I was listening to Gilbert Gottfried on with Marc Maron. It was really weird. He was laughing on purpose over and over again. I had to turn it off, it was weird. I love Gilbert. The wife and I saw his show at the Las Vegas Hilton earlier this year. He was great. He's really really filthy but funny as hell. So I'm not sure what he was doing on this appearance. Maybe he didn't know what to do on a "Podcast" not really sure. It's worth a listen but strange.

- JP

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