Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Townhall 2012!

Just a couple notes, feeling a little under the weather this week.

His campaign has jumped the shark. I heard this from several hosts today. A little crack in the Obama campaign might be showing. But then you never know. I mean tomorrow something could explode. I think Thursday Joe Biden will probably explode. I predict Paul Ryan will wipe the floor with him.

I probably get to drive in the rain tomorrow. It's feeling like winter is coming. Feels good. A spectacular sunset today. Here are a couple shots.

This Sunday at 5pm in Pomona is Townhall 2012, put on by 870 KRLA The Answer. I love this radio station and all the hosts. Deb and I will be there. It's minus Dennis Prager but plus Ann Coulter. $30, includes food and drink of some kind. It's right next to where the LA County Fair is put on. Be there!

From the Sheraton Fairplex website. I think this might be the room it's in, looks great. 

California Ballroom

This on the Hotel Website as of 1AM Wednesday morning might be a hint of how many people are coming: Sheraton Fairplex Hotel & Conference Center is not available for 10/13/2012 - 10/14/2012.

- JP

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How Is It That You Have A Radio Show?

I had a back and forth with Conway tonight on Twitter. He's sitting in front of a computer and he can't come up with the death date of Lincoln. He was talking about Lincoln for some reason and he said "I have no idea when he died". I sent him a Tweet and said "April 15, 1865, if you read books maybe you would know that, you are just pathetic dude" He sent me a Tweet back "We can't all be awesome". If you could just do a simple search on Wikipedia that would do it genius. He also says on the air repeatedly for years that he doesn't read. That would be books and whatever. You are going to admit that to all of LA on the radio really? You don't read really? I can tell he doesn't read, ahh baboo. He's just not a bright person. I have listened to him for going on 16 years. I don't know what happened when he moved to KFI. I think he's just phoning it in. The show just sucks so bad. When he was at KLSX I think he put more effort into it. Even Fridays with Steckler is not a good show. Now it's just awful, I mean really awful. I guarantee there is no show prep going on here. It's just not listenable at all. It's singing and yelling into the mic "Ding Dong" and just crap. I seriously have no idea how he's on KFI doing a show. It sucks Conway. I bet Stec thinks so too. Aron Bender really loves it though, that's something.

Adam Carolla shows up on Prager for 15 minutes today. I discovered that Adam and Dennis are doing another appearance at the Redondo Performing Arts Center this October 27th. I went right away and got two seats. I have never seen these guys before. I got the wife and I 5th row seats, can't wait.

I was listening to Gilbert Gottfried on with Marc Maron. It was really weird. He was laughing on purpose over and over again. I had to turn it off, it was weird. I love Gilbert. The wife and I saw his show at the Las Vegas Hilton earlier this year. He was great. He's really really filthy but funny as hell. So I'm not sure what he was doing on this appearance. Maybe he didn't know what to do on a "Podcast" not really sure. It's worth a listen but strange.

- JP

Debate Talk With Morning Drivers, Bicycles, Cheek Bites and Waging Heavy Peace

I took a couple days off from the blog. The news literally overwhelms me occasionally. Last week was not good for national or our local news. But it's an all new week with a debate on Wednesday. I can't wait for that. I heard on KABC that Doug McIntyre and T-Rae and Jumping Johnny Phillips will be doing post debate coverage, that's at night. I wonder if that means they take Thursday off. Doug and T-Rae probably take the day off and John comes in blurry eyed, not sure.

This morning listening to Geraldo in between commercials. He has Fox News business guy Stewart Varney on the show. This is a smart dude. At 36 after the hour Geraldo comes back on the air with Stewart and listens to him talk about how bad the economy is and such things and then exactly 5 minutes into it he says thank you and goodbye and goes to calls! I couldn't believe it. Why have them on if you don't like them Jerry? It's one of the worst talk shows on the air. Geraldo is such a lefty it's scary.

"The President has a war on energy, he wants us all riding bicycles"
- Congressman Pete Sessions on Medved

Danny Bonaduce was bit on his face by some woman. Tim Conway Jr. was talking about this and played audio of Danny describing the pain he felt. Danny worked at the old 97.1 The FM Talk station back in the day. And yes was Danny Partridge in the old 70's TV show that I saw every episode of multiple times and owned all the records the fake band put out. If you click on the link to the story you will see a photo of his cheek, wow. http://blog.seattlepi.com/thebigblog/2012/10/01/photo-fan-bites-danny-bonaduces-face/

Mark Levin went ballistic talking about the fact that new things have been learned about the Fast and Furious story and nobody in American media will cover it. Univision did a story about 2 dozen very young people at a party somewhere in Mexico that were murdered with guns from the US and were ID'd as being from the Fast and Furious program. http://pjmedia.com/blog/univision-breaks-new-details-of-obama-admins-fast-and-furious-cover-up/

Disclaimer again, I know Alec Baldwin has a bad rep but man is his radio show on NPR good. The guy knows what he's doing. Posted right now are two shows that I have not heard yet, one is with George Will. And the other is a special show. In a series of one-hour, on-air specials, Alec Baldwin gives the listener unique entrĂ©e into the lives of artists, policy makers and performers. Baldwin sidesteps the predictable by taking listeners inside the dressing rooms, apartments, and offices of people such as comedian Chris Rock and Oscar winner Michael Douglas. This is a new idea he has had, normally it would be a studio interview. Can't wait to check that out. http://www.wnyc.org/shows/heresthething/

I saved the best for last. I heard this driving back to Anaheim from the Valley tonight. Another NPR show, Fresh Air with Terry Gross and Neil Young, yea that Neil Young. I don't think I have ever heard him interviewed. I'm not a big fan. But this guy has been around forever and I respect his longevity. I think he puts a lot of heart into his music. I always thought he was really gutsy making a very successful career with that voice. I also didn't know he was a Canadian. This interview is really special. Not knowing anything about him really and hearing him talk instead of sing was really interesting. The guy is really really bright. He has a new Memoir called "Waging Heavy Peace". If you love American culture you must hear this great interview. http://www.npr.org/2012/10/01/162082545/in-memoir-neil-young-wages-heavy-peace

- JP