Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Scrap Metal, Errol Flynn, And San Diego Gaskets That Live With Liberals In Cerritos With Icons And Watch C-Span

Ok here we go, what's the deal with all these metal recycling centers, mostly for scrap metal accepting anything and anybody that just walks though the door. Hey here is 90 feet of copper wiring, oh here is 5700lb industrial air conditioner. When are these people that run these places going to be held responsible for taking in and paying these people? I heard this story on the radio, 16 fire hydrants stolen in 1 night, worth $40,000. I'm glad finally to see a State Senate Bill in the works and a low fine in my opinion ($3,000). This is like a huge business now and there are tons of people out there just grabbing whatever they can and taking it in for money. I think it's mostly Illegals that can't find jobs. I see several of them in my neighborhood everyday and I see them all day long on the freeways.

"The first anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Gift giving can be difficult. Just remember to have someone else pay for it" - Dennis Miller

Hey here is something that not a lot of people in LA and the OC know. 600AM KOGO in San Diego comes in pretty clear. If you're tired of what the stations in our area have to offer check this out. I like Chip Franklin in the mornings and Ladona Harvey around lunch. http://www.kogo.com/main.html

I thought Mark Levin was going to blow a gasket today. This is so outrageous I don't even have words.

DoJ official refuses to denounce demands for Saudi-style blasphemy law

“Will you tell us… that this administration’s Department of Justice will never entertain or advance a proposal that criminalizes speech against any religion?” Frank asked four times.

Perez refused to answer, saying “it is a hard question, in the sense that when you make threats against someone.” Perez then suggested he would respond to draft legislation from the committee, but again refused to answer Frank’s question about free speech rights.

Last time I checked we had Free Speech in this country. That film maker that lived in Cerritos for god sake, had a towel covering his head and had to go into hiding. It's getting really scary in this country. I also find it amazing how much power is given to this guy and how angry people can get, how about ignoring it? 

Dennis Prager not on the air Monday morning, sitting in for him was a pretty good host from the heartland Charlie Sykes. A new article by Dennis is up on National Review. It's as usual, brilliant. The morally upside-down world of Mr. Krugman.

TuneIn signs 20 more broadcasters. These guys are getting huge. Gotta see this article. And if you have not yet went and got the free app, do it, it's just fantastic.

Oh yea and check this out. C-Span has put up the multimedia lecture that Mike Gallagher gave at the Nixon Library a week ago. It's 1.5 hours.

A big welcome back to the air waves on KFI, LA's radio icon Mike Nolan!

- JP

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