Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Luck! Contact! And 100 Reasons The Hassle-Plex Sucks for the Communist Mentor

I woke up to an email that told me that a new Prager University course has been posted. Dennis Prager put up a website for 5 minute videos that teach important issues on everything in life. This time it's Adam Carolla on "Luck". It's fantastic and you have to see it. It's 4 and half minutes and classic Adam.

Also Forbes wrote an article on Adam, pretty cool.

"You know it's Monday and I'm like in the goggles with the leather helmet yelling contact and trying to spin that propeller around to start the engine and it's not coming together"
- Dennis Miller

Man oh man I heard a story about the Sunset offramp that has been widened and finished with an Indian engineer about 10 times on KFI today, every hour on the hour. Michael Croizer sitting in for Shannon Farren this afternoon. When you hear a story run that often lots of people are not at work. KFI is very difficult for me to listen to these days.

Today Hugh Hewitt came on the air and did a very unusual show. On Sunday he made a list of 100 reasons to vote for Mitt Romney and not to vote for Obama. Hugh talked to no guests and took no calls. Nobody that I have ever heard could monologue for three hours like this. It was compelling and you could tell he spent a lot of time putting this together. It sounded like he was reading some of the long parts like he had sat at a computer and typed it. He is also posting the entire show for anyone to hear at his website, and he doesn't normally do that. It's worth a tumble. All three hours of 100 Reasons To Vote For Mitt Romney Or Against Barack Obama.

"there is new soda technology at the hassle-plex" - Doug McIntyre

Mike Gallagher said on Fox News last week that Facebook “rejected” an ad for his book “50 Things Liberals Love to Hate” because it contained the word “hate” in the title. Mike did an hour on this tonight, weird story. Glad it turned out to be nothing.

"Big government sucks! Everything it touches turns to crap!" - Mark Levin

I've mentioned this in a previous post, I heard Paul Kengor on Michael Medved today talking about this very interesting book called "The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor". Really interesting all the details that have been uncovered about this. Check out this article on Forbes from last month. http://www.forbes.com/sites/markhendrickson/2012/07/25/book-review-the-communist-does-frank-marshall-davis-have-an-ideological-godson-in-president-obama/

- JP

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