Monday, September 3, 2012

Hey Lady!

I'm listening to Rush and Dennis Prager and they both sound live this morning. Not sure. Radio stations have a bad reputation for not telling the audience when someone is not really live. They love to run repeat shows and not mention this fact so you will stay and listen to all the commercials. I hate that. Rush sounds live, not sure about Dennis. I'm seeing a facebook post by Dennis that he is live. Sean Hannity is not live. On Labor day you can't think anyone would be live.

I wanted to say something about Jerry Lewis. I grew up watching the telethon every year. It was kind of a demarcation of the end of summer and when I would go back to school. It was, back in the day, a showcase of Vegas acts. Frank Sinatra would even make an appearance. My Mother would have it on all day and night waiting for some big act to appear on the 13 inch RCA color tv. It was a big deal when I was a kid. Watching my Mother smoke cigarettes and drink wine and laugh and howl at the jokes from Jerry and his guests was quite something to see. My Mother loved this telethon and Jerry and everything about it. As a kid seeing them ask for money every 5 seconds, I would ask my Mom "can we call and donate some money?" I was told by my Mother that we could not afford it, so no. Back in the day the telethon was like 3 days. It seemed to go on forever. Jerry was always on camera and doing or saying something either serious or joking around or conducting the orchestra. Back in the 70's this telethon ruled the airwaves and everybody was watching it. This was pre-cable. It's very sad to see it pretty much gone now. I'm looking right now at Jerry on the cover of a book of photography by Sammy Davis Jr. I see Jerry's face everyday. Jerry did a lot for the cause and he should be proud. It was a big part of my life and it's hard to believe it's over. It's strange you know, when you are in the midst of something it seems to last forever and it will always be that way. 30 years hence it's over and your life is completely different. My Mother has been gone 7 years now and nobody will even know who Jerry Lewis is in a few years. I had a conversation with a co-worker. I said remember that tune "Kodachrome" by Paul Simon? She said "I have no idea who or what your talking about". Wow I guess I'm officially old. God Bless Jerry Lewis and all the joy he gave me and my family!

- JP

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