Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fresh Baked Outrage Everyday This Week

I think I will be glad when all these speeches are over with. I listened to Michelle Obama tonight, it was all about how she loves her husband. NPR is still annoying with the exact same kind of coverage this week. I thought it was funny, I mentioned that Mara Liasson of NPR didn't think much of Romney's speech but boy she loved Michelle's. Why am I not shocked. It's quite a different crowd at this convention. Barney Frank arrives with a belt around his neck, area hotels have a bed bug infestation and a delegate was asked to go home after getting wildly drunk the night before. Cory Booker hurts his leg and does his speech on one leg. And Obama may have to move his speech to a smaller venue because they can't get enough people to fill it up. We get to hear how "Forward" this campaign is when Bill Clinton speaks tomorrow, that should be a hoot. I'm going in and out of listening, but Hugh Hewitt is still doing the best job of coverage, he's just smart. Larry O'Connor of Breitbart on with Dennis Miller at the convention, another very smart guy that gets around and is funny. You can hear in peoples voices and the callers to talk radio that things are really heating up. Rush got super pissed this morning. And there will be plenty more from the Dems before the week is out. Fresh Baked Outrage everyday this week as Doug McIntyre would say.

Heidi and Frank started at KLOS today, I missed it.

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