Saturday, September 22, 2012

Endeavor Is Now Part Of Los Angeles

A very special day here in Southern California. I set the clock and headed out early to Disneyland. I was going to go to Downtown Disney which is like an outdoor mall with shops and restaurants next to the theme parks. Three hours of free parking. I was going to see the NASA's Space Shuttle on top of a 747 do a fly over around noon. I arrived at 10:20 and walked to Downtown Disney and got me some coffee and something to eat.

This Ladies and Gentlemen is $11 and change worth of Coffee and breakfast burrito, thanks Disney! 

After walking around for a while and trying to hear KNX 1070 News Radio on my phone with only 1 bar, and man was it hot, I went back to the car. The mall area has lots of trees and buildings and I didn't think I would be able to see well enough. A large group of people in Downtown Disney were sitting and waiting with tripods and cameras pointed to the north. Little did they know that the Shuttle ended up coming from the West.

Tom Haule
I thought, I'll have a much wider view from a huge parking lot, and I was not the only one with that idea. There were about 50 other people doing the same thing. I sat in my car with the Air Conditioning on and KNX radio. They did a great job with people all over LA and OC on the air talking about where the Shuttle was. Tom Haule and Linda Nunez did an outstanding job. They sound great together. The people that are on air and on the all news stations don't get a lot of attention and they should get more, they do a great job. They pretty much made this whole event understandable. I was sitting in my car and they told me that the Shuttle had just passed JPL in Pasadena and then I knew that it was only minutes away from Disneyland. About 7 minutes after that, it was flying overhead! That was about 12:20PM.

Linda Nunez

Great day and well worth the effort.

- JP

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