Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dinner Out, Bennetts' Gift And The Seeker Of The Wind That May Have Ended Wet

The wife and I go to an Applebee's up the street from where we live after I get home from work around 9:45pm. I wanted to get out and do something different. I'm bored out of my mind with my daily routine. We have never done this before during the week. At the end of dinner sitting at the bar watching the Angels eat it, I look down at my phone and I see a photo of KABC's Doug McIntyre standing next to Tony Bennett. He posts this photo with the caption "Emceeing the Q & A at a screening of "The Zen of Bennett" Wednesday night in Beverly Hills. — with Tony Bennett"
We come home and I do a Google search and I find

Wow. Doug is so connected to high quality music and people in the business. He's obsessed with it. I remember back in 2001 hearing the bumper music he played and the guests he had on Red Eye Radio, just the best. He loves it. And he made his own film about Trumpeter Jack Sheldon called Trying to Get Good. I can't wait to see this movie about Tony Bennett, talk about an American treasure. 

"An audio tape of Romney doesn't matter...come November 6th voting this man out....that's what matters!" 
- Mark Levin

Sean Hannity had Mark Levin on today. It sounded like he was in the studio. Sean said "why don't you take better care of yourself Mark? Why don't you use the elliptical I bought you?"

All kinds of hosts were playing the audio from Obama on with Letterman. Letterman asks him how much the debt is and Obama says he can't remember. Oy Vey!

Video of Obama on Letterman if you must:

I used to love Letterman. I have literally 50 tapes of his NBC show from the 80's on VHS in my garage. I actually looked at them a year or so ago and they look great. Don't believe people that tell you that VHS tapes degrade. It not true. They look great, I must be taking good care of them, cool dry place. The appearance where Bill O'Reilly was on and it was contentious, that was when I knew that Letterman was a wacko Liberal and I stopped being a fan and watching his show. In my opinion, I think he should go home and lay down. 

Dennis Prager was talking about lecturing at the Family Research Counsel. It's great to actually see Dennis standing there talking and being able to see his facial expressions. I've heard him so many hours on the radio it's a different experience. You should really check this out. When you hit the link you have to scoll down to find Dennis and click on the link.

This was shocking to me. I hear tonight that The Windseeker attraction at Southern California's Knott's Berry Farm broke down and left 20 riders who expected a three-minute thrill dangling 300 feet over the amusement park for nearly four hours. I drive by Knott's everyday and I saw this being built last year. It's scary high up in the sky. Glad everyone is OK except for some wet pants if you know what I mean. I'm way too old for that crap. Not happening.

- JP

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