Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crescent Moon Moistened With The Watering Can............. Do You Feel Lucky?

Much cooler day today. I drove though East LA at around 8PM and it was a nice 74 degrees with a beautiful crescent moon over the tall buildings of downtown as I listened to the great opening of the Dennis Miller show.

"Radio...a constantly changing art form....Marconi!......Lakehurst New Jersey.........The Mercury Theater......The New World Order............

From that first broadcast a media that has been pruned......honed.....trimmed.....winnowed.....
bonzai-ed.........and............strewn.........and deposited here today...........ready to be moistened with the watering can of evolutionary dew..........this... is the Dennis Miller Show!"

"The LA Sheriff's Department should have bags on their heads" - Mark Steyn

Look at this! and you can hear Mark Steyn on the Dennis Miller show from Tuesday, good stuff.

Doug McIntyre of the McIntyre in the Morning Show on KABC did a great interview with Salman Rushdie that was posted on Sound Cloud, a free audio upload site. I thought this was a brilliant idea for a radio show. To be able to post a single segment of an interview and share it on facebook or Twitter or whatever is great. Then the listeners can share it as well.

I was stunned hearing this interview. It sounded like he was in the studio with Doug. It's hard to believe that his book The Satanic Verses came out in 1989! And what supposedly some people didn't like about his book was made up, it's a frigging novel. And the offending part was from a dream sequence. What the hell is wrong with people? It's happening again with this stupid film. We have free speech in America and they don't care. I don't know what to tell you people over there that don't like it, deal with it. More to come, get ready. He was also interviewed on Warren Olney's show "Which Way LA" on KCRW today. It's an interesting story and he's one smart and very articulate person. Check both interviews.



Starting Friday at Chapman College is The Big Orange Book Festival. Mark Levin was talking about this because he will be speaking in the afternoon on Friday. I wish to hell I could keep track of all the festivals. It seems like I always hear about them only days before they happen. We are off to San Diego this weekend (with Bart the Doberman and a armed house sitter guarding) Looks like a cool event and I have never been to Chapman. It's funny Mark was talking about this and he never mentioned Hugh Hewitt, who is a Con-law professor there. Only because they are on competing radio stations I'm sure.  Also Mark's book Ameritopia came out in paperback today for $10, gotta read this great book.

Heard about this today, have not check it out yet, looks worthy of a listen.
Journalist Examines Chaotic Fighting In Syria
The Guardian's Ghaith Abdul-Ahad calls the Syrian battle fluid and complicated. "There is chaos, there is no military planning, there is no organization," he tells Fresh Air. He reported for the PBS Frontline documentary The Battle for Syria, which airs Tuesday.
and the link to the Frontline show:

John C. Dvorak was sitting in as host on TWIT (this week in tech on on Sunday while the regular host Leo Laporte was in San Fransisco at a football game. I listened to 10 minutes of it and had to turn it off. It was chaotic and just bad. I love John but, no bueno.

Who the hell was playing this? Gallagher I think, anyway I was jazzed to hear that Clint Eastwood was on Ellen. So here is half of the interview, I guess the other half is not available, I don't know.

- JP

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