Monday, September 17, 2012

Carolla Goes To College

A couple weekend things. I heard that Adam Carolla will do a 5 minute course at Prager University. This is supposed to be this week. I have not heard the subject of the course. I bet it's about common sense or something simple like that. This is directly because of the two hooking up with these stage shows they are doing. I love it. Can't wait. Adam has had his mind changed on many things hanging around with Dennis.

Today on "The Tech Guy" with Leo Laporte on KFI he was talking about the fact that pro's in the video editing business are really pissed at Apple for not upgrading Final Cut Pro. This is the leading product used by the entertainment business and everyone that does that sort of thing. A lot of these people are switching to an application called Adobe Premier Elements. I was shocked to hear this is happening. Adobe has not done very well with security in the last couple years. They have had to fix many problems with the biggest piece of software that is everywhere...the dreaded FLASH.

I guess Monday morning there is some BIG announcement on The Heidi Harris Show at 7:15am on KRLA. I have no idea what it would be. I'm guessing at 7:15 she will tease what ever it is and go to a commercial like they always do at around 17 after the hour.

I was looking at the LA Times Sunday and surprisingly great articles. I was looking at the Walmart circular and saw that they are selling the Nexus 7 Tablet from Google for $249. I bought mine for $199, god I love this thing. This is for the 16GB unit. I thought to myself, that's $50 profit to Walmart. I guess non computer savvy people, say a grandmother would buy it for her grandson or something. I checked the Google Play Store and Walmart, see for yourself.

This weekend I heard a bit of the new Brian and Jill Show. Brian Phelps and co-host Jill Whelan, Brian of Mark and Brian who just left KLOS and Jill Whelan who was Vicky on The Love Boat. I was stunned to hear that info. It's interesting that this show takes some very specific things from the Podcast Pioneer, Adam Carolla. The studio looks similar and they are using the Click though Amazon advertising pitch. I say good for them. It was lots of laughing and good o'l Brian, funny as always. I might be a bit old for their demo but I'll check it out here and there.

Premiere Networks Inks Sales Rep. Deal with Listener Driven Radio.

The software-based service that allows listeners to vote on the music they hear on their favorite radio station will be repped by Premiere Networks beginning in January. Listener Drive Radio – LDR – is a patent-pending software that allows audiences to collaborate in minute-by-minute programming and is designed to tie directly into a radio station’s automation system and music scheduler. It lets listeners vote and affect live and automated playlists in real time, all within the rules set by the radio station’s program director. Listeners vote and participate from their web browser, mobile, or tablet device. Listeners can also sign up for “instant alerts” by SMS, Twitter, or e-mail when their favorite songs are going to play. LDR president Daniel Anstandig states, “The team at Premiere Networks is an undisputed leader in the industry. Premiere's portfolio is an A-List of talent and services, and it's a sincere honor to work with Julie Talbott and her team in developing and affiliating services that add a valuable interactive dimension to broadcast programming and sales.”
I wonder if this will grow to include talk radio?

Digital audio content aggregator TuneIn strikes a deal with GM to use Livio Connect technology so its app can be integrated into the MyLink Radio dashboard of 2013 Chevrolet Spark models made globally. According to a release, Livio Connect is a middleware framework protocol that enables hardware devices and mobile apps, now including TuneIn, to connect to and interact with one another. GM uses Livio Connect technology, which allows owners of Chevy Sparks equipped with the MyLink Radio to enjoy 70,000 stations. Livio Connect technology bridges the app, featured on iPhone and Android mobile devices, with MyLink. While connected through Livio Connect, all of the TuneIn buttons and controls from the mobile device will be available on MyLink's seven-inch touch screen, while the app on the phone itself will be disabled to help promote safer driving.

One last thing. I found a website for Fox News Radio. Several hosts on here including one of my favorites...John Gibson. Check it out.

- JP

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