Wednesday, September 12, 2012

And The Beat Goes On

Great sunset in the Valley tonight. Things are good lately, I feel healthier, I have a pretty good new boss and I just got a brand new company vehicle. Come on Friday :)

Tuesday several hosts had either clips or read transcripts from things that happened on 911. I had to turn it off. I can't watch the video either. It's just too horrifying to me. So I said a silent prayer and moved on. I guess ABC Today Show opted to air an interview with Kris Jenner talking about her implants rather than observing a moment of silence like all the other networks. Oy vey. The main stream media is just so worthless.

I heard a lot about this today on the radio. Los Angeles may allow illegal immigrants to use library cards as ID to open bank accounts. And of course Tony V thinks it's a great idea. It's perfect for the person on their way to defacto citizenship. I guess LA is still a huge sanctuary city with over 300,000 people that would love to do this. It's just gets better everyday here, man oh man.

Then I think the biggest story of the day was: White House denies Obama snubbed Netanyahu Washington cites 'scheduling conflicts' as only reason US president, Israeli PM won't meet later in September. So change your schedule! It's such BS. He's making time to be on Letterman next week! We all know that Obama wants nothing to do with Israel. I heard a caller on Hugh Hewitt, a life long Jew and supporter of Israel say "I'm done with Obama, I just donated $50 to Romney".,7340,L-4280260,00.html

I haven't heard a show in a while so I loaded it up last night. Adam Carolla with Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons. Very funny as usual. Love Adam.

Adam on with Bill O'Reilly Monday and every Monday now, wow! Just hearing this now.

"You can't have a Democracy without a civil society" - Mark Levin talking about Syria

Rush was giving away Apple iphones, laptops and ipads this morning. Most of the people on the phone were not nearly excited enough, what's up with that?

A new social site for people on the right called has just launched. Founder Frank Florio was on Hugh Hewitt today talking about it. You can start a new account for free and sign in with facebook. It's got breaking news, blogs, forums, videos. Looks very interesting.

Mitt Romney Transcript from Mondays show:

Hugh mentioned a book to a caller that was not convinced of Israel's good intentions and Hugh offered up this title that would change his mind, I have to get this.

I was on the 101 in Hollywood, right by the Capitol Records building around 6pm. Up drives on my left in the fast lane a Mercedes and a guy with long hair. I took a second look..and it was Kenny G. He turned his head and I waved, he waved back. That is the second sighting in a couple of years. I like the guy, he gets a bad rap.

"Netanyahu...a hero of our time" - Hugh Hewitt

OK so I can say something good about Tim Conway Jr. He has done the best hi speed chase coverage on the radio for 16 years, the only coverage on the radio. He does a great job. There was a crazy one tonight with shooting and the perpetrator not killed. He covered it for an hour and clips of Sorority Coaches, what ever the hell that is. Let's see Sorority Coaches or the best news analyst from Fox, Charles Krauthammer on with Dennis Miller...hmmmm.....hmmmm........hmmm.  

Dennis Miller had Charles Krauthammer on, always love hearing this guy. He needs a new phone though. 

Dennis for some reason was talking about Willie Nelson and said "On SNL I never saw Willie without a joint".

Phil Hendrie getting numerous TV gigs this year.

- JP

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