Thursday, September 6, 2012

An Alternate Reality...The Left

I listened to all 51 minutes of Bill Clinton last night and I swear I have no idea what he was talking about. I've heard lots of numbers and stats from all kinds of hosts and I have never heard some of the stuff he was talking about. It should be very interesting to hear Rush and Hugh and Medved today just take this crap apart. Bill Clinton could say last week he ate broccoli sprinkled with kool aid and people would clap and laugh. The fact that this guy is so loved by the Dems is outrageous. A long time caller to talk radio, a guy named Doug from Upland called in and was on the air for a while with Larry Elder. The topic, Juanita Broaddrick, who said that Bill Clinton raped her. Doug was somehow in contact with Broaddrick and though a contact with Freedom Alliance he was going to raise money to bring her out here to LA to talk live on the air to Susan Estridge who was a weekend host on KABC back then. Estridge is a UCLA law professor and TV pundit. Estridge declined anything to do with this arrangement. Why? She's a big lib in denial, in my opinion. She thought the story was just that a story. Larry for the last couple weeks has been hitting this subject pretty hard. He's been talking about all the women that accused Clinton of harassment. Larry is convinced that these women are credible, and for good reason. But Clinton gets a pass, even gets a pass on the Impeachment thing too. Thanks to Main Stream Media. Even this morning on the Heidi Harris show Brian Whitman is just singing Clinton's praises, but Brian is a huge fan for some reason and always has been a giant Lib.

The biggest thing of the day was LA's Mayor Tony Villar ignoring the no vote on the convention floor allowing God and support of Israel in the party platform. Hugh Hewitt went APE S. He must have played the audio 10 times. It was so outrageous and shows you the real Democrat party. I hope that Villar never hears the end of this. I wish Tony V would get caught doing something illegal, he's a bad guy. This subject is all over the radio today.

I finally turned on KLOS and heard a little of Heidi and Frank this morning. I'm never up this early. I was flipping back and forth from KLOS and KABC's McIntyre in the morning. Doug is always good and now with back bencher John Phillips and Teri-Rae..good stuff. Love when Doug gets pissed and yells, good radio, especially when he yells at John. Heidi and Frank were soliciting ideas for a twin billboard campaign that the station is going to put up. Frank's idea was cat turds that spell out H&F.......ok. A little piece of trivia...these two shows...are across the hall from each other.

Ben Shapiro

KFI continues to lead all others in morning drive, the 6-10 a.m. weekday time slot when stations hope to lock down listeners for the remainder of the day. With local host Bill Handel's show preceding the first hour of talk icon Rush Limbaugh's program, KFI grabbed 7.9% of the audience — its highest total in more than three years. I do not get this. Bill has been at KFI for over 20 years. In my opinion he's not funny or interesting and it's just time to hang it up already, geez. McIntyre in the morning on KABC is far superior as is the new show on KRLA, The Heidi Harris Show with Brian Whitman and Ben Shapiro. Give it a try.

- JP

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