Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 years, Never Forget

On the 11th Anniversary of 911 we should never forget and hope and pray that the families that are still dealing with their loss will continue to gain strength. God Bless.

Now LA Radio.

By the end of the convention I was like, what the hell do I write about? I feel for all the people that had to come up with something. Only one thing you really could do was write about something that happened during the week. Doug McIntyre was one that did a pretty great job on Tony V in the Daily News. I took a few days off, because I had nothing. Last thing I want to talk about is that crap LA mayor.

Dennis Prager had Michael Medved on talking about his e-book "The Odds Against Obama: Why History and Logic Make the President a Likely Loser" which is doing pretty well. It's only $7, I should go get it, but when the hell am I going to read it? I have half of Dennis Prager's book still sitting here. Dennis also posted an awesome new Prager University video: If you raise taxes does it automatically follow that you'll raise more revenue? Is there point at which tax rates become counterproductive? UCLA Economics professor, Tim Groseclose, answers these questions and poses some fascinating new ones. This is a really important course that talks about the Laffer Curve. it's only 5 minutes, just do it, it's worth seeing.

Mike Gallagher was at the Nixon Library Monday night doing a multimedia presentation on his new book "50 Things Liberals Love to Hate". It was funny, he was on with Hugh Hewitt and Hugh kept saying over and over "get over to the Nixon Library and watch the projector explode while Mike does his show". Book TV and C-Span are supposed to post the video within a week. Also Hugh had Mitt Romney on, I only heard about 5 minutes of it. Duane, Hugh's non-producer as he likes to call him, typed a transcript for the interview which should be up on HughHewitt.com. This poor guy has Cancer and is getting some treatment in Germany and still did this work. Get well soon Duane!

I heard today that Chicago teachers want a 30% raise over 4 years, then were offered 16% and walked out. This is one of many Left Wing Teachers Unions. A great example of hypocrisy. You know this stuff makes me boil. I work for a multi billion dollar company that is doing very well, even in this bad economic time. Know what my raise was this year? .9% (that's a point..9%) The lowest in 15 years. Fire them I say and I heard a lot of hosts saying the same thing today. 

"The best thing about Mitt Romney......He's not Obama! - Mark Levin

Conway, ahh baboo. The bad evening radio just keeps coming. For 45 minutes tonight Conway plays clips from Katie Couric's new daytime talk show and then an interview with Jessica Simpson. Now, let's go though this carefully. It's KFI right? It's mostly politics, it's male oriented. Maybe they want to get more female listeners? Tim squeezes this for all it's worth without any humor, I never laughed. I know Tim think's it's brilliant being the judge of what's funny in his mind. It was just annoying. What guy wants to hear this? Granted he's making fun of it but it's chick stuff. And what young woman is going to listen to Conway make fun of something they probably like and people they like. Aron Bender was beside himself with laughter and I saw on Twitter Sam Rubin of KTLA agrees it was hilarious but thinks the show will tank: 
‎"The countdown until the end of the @katiecouric show is on," so says a hilarious @timconwayjr on his @conwayshow on KFI. I laughed all the way home. And you know what, I kind of think he is right. I said on KTLA weeks ago, "Katie" is going to be the first show that encounters major problems. Have you seen ANY of the hot new fall talk shows....please send me your review of Steve Harvey, Jeff Probst, Ricki Lake and/or Katie. Are any of them worth watching and why, or why not?

Conway did a thing about what a dope Michael Bloomberg is. I agree with that, it's just that he's all over the place (he started with sports talk tonight) and I can do with out the f-ing singing, god almighty and the yelling in the mic "Sunday, Sunday, Sunday". It's just bad radio and very hard to listen to, that's probably why I went over to Dennis Miller. Conway told a story about being at the track once and this guy yells over to him "Hey Tim...I got a horse for you...his name is....your radio show sucks". 

John Kobylt called Shannon Farren, Shannon Whooperman. I guess that means she finally got married. I think she's still gonna use her maiden name. 

"We are becoming a nation of Flukes" - Dennis Miller

Dennis is still pissed about Sandra Fluke, he calls her Moan of Ark. He was talking about an article by Mark Steyn (who Dennis calls a Genius) from Saturday in the National Review. 

- JP

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