Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Luck! Contact! And 100 Reasons The Hassle-Plex Sucks for the Communist Mentor

I woke up to an email that told me that a new Prager University course has been posted. Dennis Prager put up a website for 5 minute videos that teach important issues on everything in life. This time it's Adam Carolla on "Luck". It's fantastic and you have to see it. It's 4 and half minutes and classic Adam.

Also Forbes wrote an article on Adam, pretty cool.

"You know it's Monday and I'm like in the goggles with the leather helmet yelling contact and trying to spin that propeller around to start the engine and it's not coming together"
- Dennis Miller

Man oh man I heard a story about the Sunset offramp that has been widened and finished with an Indian engineer about 10 times on KFI today, every hour on the hour. Michael Croizer sitting in for Shannon Farren this afternoon. When you hear a story run that often lots of people are not at work. KFI is very difficult for me to listen to these days.

Today Hugh Hewitt came on the air and did a very unusual show. On Sunday he made a list of 100 reasons to vote for Mitt Romney and not to vote for Obama. Hugh talked to no guests and took no calls. Nobody that I have ever heard could monologue for three hours like this. It was compelling and you could tell he spent a lot of time putting this together. It sounded like he was reading some of the long parts like he had sat at a computer and typed it. He is also posting the entire show for anyone to hear at his website, and he doesn't normally do that. It's worth a tumble. All three hours of 100 Reasons To Vote For Mitt Romney Or Against Barack Obama.

"there is new soda technology at the hassle-plex" - Doug McIntyre

Mike Gallagher said on Fox News last week that Facebook “rejected” an ad for his book “50 Things Liberals Love to Hate” because it contained the word “hate” in the title. Mike did an hour on this tonight, weird story. Glad it turned out to be nothing.

"Big government sucks! Everything it touches turns to crap!" - Mark Levin

I've mentioned this in a previous post, I heard Paul Kengor on Michael Medved today talking about this very interesting book called "The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor". Really interesting all the details that have been uncovered about this. Check out this article on Forbes from last month. http://www.forbes.com/sites/markhendrickson/2012/07/25/book-review-the-communist-does-frank-marshall-davis-have-an-ideological-godson-in-president-obama/

- JP

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Endeavor Is Now Part Of Los Angeles

A very special day here in Southern California. I set the clock and headed out early to Disneyland. I was going to go to Downtown Disney which is like an outdoor mall with shops and restaurants next to the theme parks. Three hours of free parking. I was going to see the NASA's Space Shuttle on top of a 747 do a fly over around noon. I arrived at 10:20 and walked to Downtown Disney and got me some coffee and something to eat.

This Ladies and Gentlemen is $11 and change worth of Coffee and breakfast burrito, thanks Disney! 

After walking around for a while and trying to hear KNX 1070 News Radio on my phone with only 1 bar, and man was it hot, I went back to the car. The mall area has lots of trees and buildings and I didn't think I would be able to see well enough. A large group of people in Downtown Disney were sitting and waiting with tripods and cameras pointed to the north. Little did they know that the Shuttle ended up coming from the West.

Tom Haule
I thought, I'll have a much wider view from a huge parking lot, and I was not the only one with that idea. There were about 50 other people doing the same thing. I sat in my car with the Air Conditioning on and KNX radio. They did a great job with people all over LA and OC on the air talking about where the Shuttle was. Tom Haule and Linda Nunez did an outstanding job. They sound great together. The people that are on air and on the all news stations don't get a lot of attention and they should get more, they do a great job. They pretty much made this whole event understandable. I was sitting in my car and they told me that the Shuttle had just passed JPL in Pasadena and then I knew that it was only minutes away from Disneyland. About 7 minutes after that, it was flying overhead! That was about 12:20PM.

Linda Nunez

Great day and well worth the effort.

- JP

Friday, September 21, 2012

I heard It On The Radio! Ice Cream, Elections, Fresh Air And The Way People Don't like Seeing Photos of Ex Wives

I come home and I usually turn on Coast to Coast Am with George Noory. But his show is all psychics tonight, who wants to hear that crap? So a little unknown show at night is on KFWB News 98, Jon Greyson. He does his show from 10PM-3AM pacific time from St. Louis. It's a pretty good show. He has a good sense of humor and he's a pretty skilled broadcaster. Tonight he got my attention with a story about a new Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor. It's called "Cannoli". Jon accused them of trying to kill him. I think Jon might be a little portly. I guess they had made this flavor back in the late 90's and people hated it. This time it might be better. Check out this short funny article about it. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/lifestyle/2012/09/ben-jerrys-new-cannoli-ice-cream/
and here is a link to Jon and his show:

"Christian is this election dragging on? Did we start talking about it when you were 14?" - Dennis Miller 

Dennis played this great blooper reel of Casey Kasem tonight, censored of course, this one is not

Casey Kasem's Profane Radio Meltdown • The Definitive Edition!

I turned on NPR's Fresh Air in the second half hour of the show, around 7:35PM. Dave Davies was doing the interview with actress Kelly MacDonald. I started listening and I recognized the voice right away, but couldn't place it. It's a thick Scottish accent. She is playing an Irish girl on the HBO show Boardwalk Empire. I have seen one episode while staying in a hotel somewhere. It's such a beautifully shot show. One of my favorite actors stars in this series......Steve Buscemi (pronounced Boo Semi Mr. Dave Davies...your on the radio my brother). I was thinking while listening, where I have seen this woman? I could see her face in my mind. Then they started talking about her role in "No Country For Old Men"! That's it. She played Josh Brolins' wife, who spoke in a southern accent. One of my all time favorite films. 

Heard about this (still a total outrage) tonight. Breitbart News is doubling its reward--to $100,000--for one of the missing pieces of Barack Obama’s past, which may be the key to understanding his collapsing Middle East policy: the “Khalidi tape,” a video kept under wraps by the Los Angeles Times since April 2008.

Here is the kind of person that will be voting for Obama again. Actress Jessica Alba encourages voters to pledge allegiance to Barack Obama. http://www.examiner.com/article/actress-jessica-alba-encourages-voters-to-pledge-allegiance-to-barack-obama

I heard about a new App for only iPhone now. It's a new way to create and experience music, it's very compelling and could be a big deal. It's called RJDJ. Check out this cool video.
And here is the link to "The Story". The RJDJ portion of the show is around 30 minutes in: https://www.google.com/search?q=site:thestory.org+rjdj

Bob Woodward was on with Michael Medved talking about his new book “The Price of Politics”, I am listening to the audiobook. He said in the interview "Obama trying to get a deal on legislation, he could only get to the 1st yard line with the Republicans, and got nowhere with his own Democrat leadership".

Kelsey Grammer 'Ran Out' Of Piers Morgan's Show. They put a photo of his ex wife on the screen before he was to come out. I would have left to. Man she looks crazy.

- JP

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dinner Out, Bennetts' Gift And The Seeker Of The Wind That May Have Ended Wet

The wife and I go to an Applebee's up the street from where we live after I get home from work around 9:45pm. I wanted to get out and do something different. I'm bored out of my mind with my daily routine. We have never done this before during the week. At the end of dinner sitting at the bar watching the Angels eat it, I look down at my phone and I see a photo of KABC's Doug McIntyre standing next to Tony Bennett. He posts this photo with the caption "Emceeing the Q & A at a screening of "The Zen of Bennett" Wednesday night in Beverly Hills. — with Tony Bennett"
We come home and I do a Google search and I find http://www.zenofbennett.com

Wow. Doug is so connected to high quality music and people in the business. He's obsessed with it. I remember back in 2001 hearing the bumper music he played and the guests he had on Red Eye Radio, just the best. He loves it. And he made his own film about Trumpeter Jack Sheldon called Trying to Get Good. I can't wait to see this movie about Tony Bennett, talk about an American treasure. 

"An audio tape of Romney doesn't matter...come November 6th voting this man out....that's what matters!" 
- Mark Levin

Sean Hannity had Mark Levin on today. It sounded like he was in the studio. Sean said "why don't you take better care of yourself Mark? Why don't you use the elliptical I bought you?"

All kinds of hosts were playing the audio from Obama on with Letterman. Letterman asks him how much the debt is and Obama says he can't remember. Oy Vey!

Video of Obama on Letterman if you must:

I used to love Letterman. I have literally 50 tapes of his NBC show from the 80's on VHS in my garage. I actually looked at them a year or so ago and they look great. Don't believe people that tell you that VHS tapes degrade. It not true. They look great, I must be taking good care of them, cool dry place. The appearance where Bill O'Reilly was on and it was contentious, that was when I knew that Letterman was a wacko Liberal and I stopped being a fan and watching his show. In my opinion, I think he should go home and lay down. 

Dennis Prager was talking about lecturing at the Family Research Counsel. It's great to actually see Dennis standing there talking and being able to see his facial expressions. I've heard him so many hours on the radio it's a different experience. You should really check this out. When you hit the link you have to scoll down to find Dennis and click on the link. http://www.frcaction.org/get.cfm?i=PG12H02

This was shocking to me. I hear tonight that The Windseeker attraction at Southern California's Knott's Berry Farm broke down and left 20 riders who expected a three-minute thrill dangling 300 feet over the amusement park for nearly four hours. I drive by Knott's everyday and I saw this being built last year. It's scary high up in the sky. Glad everyone is OK except for some wet pants if you know what I mean. I'm way too old for that crap. Not happening.

- JP

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crescent Moon Moistened With The Watering Can............. Do You Feel Lucky?

Much cooler day today. I drove though East LA at around 8PM and it was a nice 74 degrees with a beautiful crescent moon over the tall buildings of downtown as I listened to the great opening of the Dennis Miller show.

"Radio...a constantly changing art form....Marconi!......Lakehurst New Jersey.........The Mercury Theater......The New World Order............

From that first broadcast a media that has been pruned......honed.....trimmed.....winnowed.....
bonzai-ed.........and............strewn.........and deposited here today...........ready to be moistened with the watering can of evolutionary dew..........this... is the Dennis Miller Show!"

"The LA Sheriff's Department should have bags on their heads" - Mark Steyn

Look at this! Tunein.com and you can hear Mark Steyn on the Dennis Miller show from Tuesday, good stuff. http://tunein.com/topic/?TopicId=41378219

Doug McIntyre of the McIntyre in the Morning Show on KABC did a great interview with Salman Rushdie that was posted on Sound Cloud, a free audio upload site. I thought this was a brilliant idea for a radio show. To be able to post a single segment of an interview and share it on facebook or Twitter or whatever is great. Then the listeners can share it as well.

I was stunned hearing this interview. It sounded like he was in the studio with Doug. It's hard to believe that his book The Satanic Verses came out in 1989! And what supposedly some people didn't like about his book was made up, it's a frigging novel. And the offending part was from a dream sequence. What the hell is wrong with people? It's happening again with this stupid film. We have free speech in America and they don't care. I don't know what to tell you people over there that don't like it, deal with it. More to come, get ready. He was also interviewed on Warren Olney's show "Which Way LA" on KCRW today. It's an interesting story and he's one smart and very articulate person. Check both interviews.



Starting Friday at Chapman College is The Big Orange Book Festival. Mark Levin was talking about this because he will be speaking in the afternoon on Friday. I wish to hell I could keep track of all the festivals. It seems like I always hear about them only days before they happen. We are off to San Diego this weekend (with Bart the Doberman and a armed house sitter guarding) Looks like a cool event and I have never been to Chapman. It's funny Mark was talking about this and he never mentioned Hugh Hewitt, who is a Con-law professor there. Only because they are on competing radio stations I'm sure. http://bigorangebookfestival.com/  Also Mark's book Ameritopia came out in paperback today for $10, gotta read this great book.

Heard about this today, have not check it out yet, looks worthy of a listen.
Journalist Examines Chaotic Fighting In Syria
The Guardian's Ghaith Abdul-Ahad calls the Syrian battle fluid and complicated. "There is chaos, there is no military planning, there is no organization," he tells Fresh Air. He reported for the PBS Frontline documentary The Battle for Syria, which airs Tuesday.
and the link to the Frontline show:

John C. Dvorak was sitting in as host on TWIT (this week in tech on twit.tv) on Sunday while the regular host Leo Laporte was in San Fransisco at a football game. I listened to 10 minutes of it and had to turn it off. It was chaotic and just bad. I love John but, no bueno.

Who the hell was playing this? Gallagher I think, anyway I was jazzed to hear that Clint Eastwood was on Ellen. So here is half of the interview, I guess the other half is not available, I don't know.

- JP

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Scrap Metal, Errol Flynn, And San Diego Gaskets That Live With Liberals In Cerritos With Icons And Watch C-Span

Ok here we go, what's the deal with all these metal recycling centers, mostly for scrap metal accepting anything and anybody that just walks though the door. Hey here is 90 feet of copper wiring, oh here is 5700lb industrial air conditioner. When are these people that run these places going to be held responsible for taking in and paying these people? I heard this story on the radio, 16 fire hydrants stolen in 1 night, worth $40,000. I'm glad finally to see a State Senate Bill in the works and a low fine in my opinion ($3,000). This is like a huge business now and there are tons of people out there just grabbing whatever they can and taking it in for money. I think it's mostly Illegals that can't find jobs. I see several of them in my neighborhood everyday and I see them all day long on the freeways.

"The first anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Gift giving can be difficult. Just remember to have someone else pay for it" - Dennis Miller

Hey here is something that not a lot of people in LA and the OC know. 600AM KOGO in San Diego comes in pretty clear. If you're tired of what the stations in our area have to offer check this out. I like Chip Franklin in the mornings and Ladona Harvey around lunch. http://www.kogo.com/main.html

I thought Mark Levin was going to blow a gasket today. This is so outrageous I don't even have words.

DoJ official refuses to denounce demands for Saudi-style blasphemy law

“Will you tell us… that this administration’s Department of Justice will never entertain or advance a proposal that criminalizes speech against any religion?” Frank asked four times.

Perez refused to answer, saying “it is a hard question, in the sense that when you make threats against someone.” Perez then suggested he would respond to draft legislation from the committee, but again refused to answer Frank’s question about free speech rights.

Last time I checked we had Free Speech in this country. That film maker that lived in Cerritos for god sake, had a towel covering his head and had to go into hiding. It's getting really scary in this country. I also find it amazing how much power is given to this guy and how angry people can get, how about ignoring it? 

Dennis Prager not on the air Monday morning, sitting in for him was a pretty good host from the heartland Charlie Sykes. A new article by Dennis is up on National Review. It's as usual, brilliant. The morally upside-down world of Mr. Krugman.

TuneIn signs 20 more broadcasters. These guys are getting huge. Gotta see this article. And if you have not yet went and got the free app, do it, it's just fantastic.

Oh yea and check this out. C-Span has put up the multimedia lecture that Mike Gallagher gave at the Nixon Library a week ago. It's 1.5 hours.

A big welcome back to the air waves on KFI, LA's radio icon Mike Nolan!

- JP

Monday, September 17, 2012

Carolla Goes To College

A couple weekend things. I heard that Adam Carolla will do a 5 minute course at Prager University. This is supposed to be this week. I have not heard the subject of the course. I bet it's about common sense or something simple like that. This is directly because of the two hooking up with these stage shows they are doing. I love it. Can't wait. Adam has had his mind changed on many things hanging around with Dennis.

Today on "The Tech Guy" with Leo Laporte on KFI he was talking about the fact that pro's in the video editing business are really pissed at Apple for not upgrading Final Cut Pro. This is the leading product used by the entertainment business and everyone that does that sort of thing. A lot of these people are switching to an application called Adobe Premier Elements. I was shocked to hear this is happening. Adobe has not done very well with security in the last couple years. They have had to fix many problems with the biggest piece of software that is everywhere...the dreaded FLASH.

I guess Monday morning there is some BIG announcement on The Heidi Harris Show at 7:15am on KRLA. I have no idea what it would be. I'm guessing at 7:15 she will tease what ever it is and go to a commercial like they always do at around 17 after the hour.

I was looking at the LA Times Sunday and surprisingly great articles. I was looking at the Walmart circular and saw that they are selling the Nexus 7 Tablet from Google for $249. I bought mine for $199, god I love this thing. This is for the 16GB unit. I thought to myself, that's $50 profit to Walmart. I guess non computer savvy people, say a grandmother would buy it for her grandson or something. I checked the Google Play Store and Walmart, see for yourself.

This weekend I heard a bit of the new Brian and Jill Show. Brian Phelps and co-host Jill Whelan, Brian of Mark and Brian who just left KLOS and Jill Whelan who was Vicky on The Love Boat. I was stunned to hear that info. It's interesting that this show takes some very specific things from the Podcast Pioneer, Adam Carolla. The studio looks similar and they are using the Click though Amazon advertising pitch. I say good for them. It was lots of laughing and good o'l Brian, funny as always. I might be a bit old for their demo but I'll check it out here and there. http://www.brianandjillshow.com/blog/

Premiere Networks Inks Sales Rep. Deal with Listener Driven Radio.

The software-based service that allows listeners to vote on the music they hear on their favorite radio station will be repped by Premiere Networks beginning in January. Listener Drive Radio – LDR – is a patent-pending software that allows audiences to collaborate in minute-by-minute programming and is designed to tie directly into a radio station’s automation system and music scheduler. It lets listeners vote and affect live and automated playlists in real time, all within the rules set by the radio station’s program director. Listeners vote and participate from their web browser, mobile, or tablet device. Listeners can also sign up for “instant alerts” by SMS, Twitter, or e-mail when their favorite songs are going to play. LDR president Daniel Anstandig states, “The team at Premiere Networks is an undisputed leader in the industry. Premiere's portfolio is an A-List of talent and services, and it's a sincere honor to work with Julie Talbott and her team in developing and affiliating services that add a valuable interactive dimension to broadcast programming and sales.”
I wonder if this will grow to include talk radio?

Digital audio content aggregator TuneIn strikes a deal with GM to use Livio Connect technology so its app can be integrated into the MyLink Radio dashboard of 2013 Chevrolet Spark models made globally. According to a release, Livio Connect is a middleware framework protocol that enables hardware devices and mobile apps, now including TuneIn, to connect to and interact with one another. GM uses Livio Connect technology, which allows owners of Chevy Sparks equipped with the MyLink Radio to enjoy 70,000 stations. Livio Connect technology bridges the app, featured on iPhone and Android mobile devices, with MyLink. While connected through Livio Connect, all of the TuneIn buttons and controls from the mobile device will be available on MyLink's seven-inch touch screen, while the app on the phone itself will be disabled to help promote safer driving.

One last thing. I found a website for Fox News Radio. Several hosts on here including one of my favorites...John Gibson. Check it out. http://radio.foxnews.com

- JP

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Price Of Politics and Zuck's Disrupting Secret at 134 Degrees

George Noory just said "A report today says that the hottest place in the world is Death Valley with a high recorded at 134 degrees.......That's Hot"
Stupid Stuff George Noory Says - 

Driving back from the Valley tonight it was 92 degrees at 8:15pm. Hotter weather coming tomorrow.

"You got the job and you can't do the job!" - Mark Levin

After all this crap happening in Cairo and Libya it's really angered people. I heard Mark Steyn on Hugh Hewitt's show. He came on and for over 5 minutes he railed against the president. I have never heard him that angry. I also heard that Sean Hannity on his TV show last night went off on some woman. This thing with Obama going to Vegas has just unhinged people, including me. And still people will vote for him.

I listened to a little "This Week in Google" with Leo Laporte, Gina Trapani and Jeff Jarvis at TWIT.TV. It's been a few weeks, so I wanted to get caught up on what's happening. There was a conference in the bay area this week called Tech Crunch Disrupt. An interesting part of this was the founders of Twitter are starting a new project called Medium.com. You can go there and sign in with your Twitter user name and password. It's not quite up yet, but looks interesting. Looks like a larger personal Pinterest.

Another story Leo was talking about was about Foxconn in China, the manufacturing plant that makes the iPhone and tons of other stuff. There was a journalist that got a job there (undercover) and exposed some of the bad conditions. The dormitory where workers slept was described as "a nightmare". The dorm was allegedly a mix of garbage, sweat and foam -- and when the reporter opened his wardrobe, " lots of cockroaches crawl out from inside and the bedsheets that are being distributed to every new workers are full of dirt and ashes."

Zuckerberg Reveals the New Secret to Tech Success: A Strong Social Mission

Proposed NFL stadium in downtown Los Angeles put on fast track

Been hearing about this book from Bob Woodard all week on the radio. I just went and got the audio version on Audible.com. Woodward's reporting in his new book, "The Price of Politics," reveals a president whom he said lacked the "stamina" in turning personal relationships with congressional leaders into action the way some of his predecessors have done. It's bound to be talked about just like every book Woodward writes.

- JP

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Peanut Butter and Jelly Racist Bank Robbers That Have Spotters For Their Sudoku!

RIP American

Look at that. Robert Shapiro, OJ's lawyer in studio with George Noory Wednesday night. Don't hear that too often. What a weird day. Bank robberies and money flying though the streets of LA. Then the outrageous death of Christopher Stevens, the American Ambassador in Libya. And three other Americans. Just a horrible thing to happen. All over the radio, are people talking about this exploding into something really bad. And our President chose to fly to Las Vegas for a fundraiser. Just beyond the pale.

Author Robin Wright shares her feelings on the death of her friend of 20 years Chris Stevens, the ambassador killed in Libya, this was on CNN. I heard an interview with her on Warren Olney's Which Way LA tonight on KCRW and was going to link to it, but it's not on his website.

I heard a great interview tonight on NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Author Michael Lewis made a radical request to the White House that he says he was almost certain would be denied: He wanted to write a piece about President Obama that would put the reader in the president's shoes.
"I've got to basically come and loiter and just kind of get to know him. It's going to be very free-flowing; I want to do things like play basketball with him," Lewis tells Fresh Air'sTerry Gross. "I said I wanted to caddy for him on the golf course. I wanted to be in meetings, I just wanted to be around, and no one had ever done this. "To Lewis' surprise, access was granted because, according to Lewis, Obama wanted to do it.

Lewis's article I think will be the subject for many talk shows like so many other Vanity Fair articles seem to end up being. It's in the October Issue of Vanity Fair and is up on the website right now.

"He needs a spotter to play Sudoku!" - Dennis Miller on Joe Biden

Dennis was talking about going to doing O'Reilly today. It's posted and it's a great ten minutes. 

Really bad timing! Mark Levin was talking about this today. Demand For Military Absentee Ballots Drops In Virginia, Raising Concerns, know why? .........FVAP’s director, who reports to the undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, left at the end of May, and the agency leadership has been in transition. Pam Mitchell, FVAP’s acting director, acknowledged findings in a recent DOD Inspector General report that indicated difficulties service members had in reaching voting offices at military installations. With only 1,746 military voters in Virginia requesting absentee ballots so far this year — out of 126,251 service members in the state. Outrageous story! Mark almost popped a vein in his forehead.

John Bolton was also on with Mark and they talked about the horrible Libya story. After Mark said goodbye he said "I've known John Bolton for 30 years....Solid as a Rock!"

I really can not believe people and what they think is subtle "Racist Code". Blow it out your ass, seriously I can't take it anymore. I heard this story and I just want to fly to Portland and punch this guy in the nose, god almighty, check this out:

Is Peanut Butter And Jelly Racist? Portland School Principal Ties Sandwich To White Privilege

More Crazy S tomorrow I'm counting on it...............

- JP