Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thank you!

Big spike in people coming to see what I'm saying, thank you. I'm just a talk radio listener here in LA and it's soo cool to be able to do this and have people come and read my thoughts. Love it. Thank you soo much.

Oooooh the storm. Wouldn't it be funny if nobody was able to get to Tampa next week? I hear a weather guy on Hannity talking about "the potential could be a cat 5". You know these weather guys have no clue what so ever. Weather is not something the human race has been able to get a handle on, we just haven't. It could happen I guess, another Katina?, I hope not. Maybe the Obama administration with the military weather control will descend on the convention and ruin it...please. And I heard on Monday no network channel will broadcast Ann Romney speaking in prime time. Hmmm I bet the Democratic Convention will be on in prime time, the entire thing from beginning to end, I could be wrong.


A lot of hosts took the week off because next week and until November 6th is going to be very very busy. I love hearing Mark Taylor sitting in for Dennis Prager (used to host at KABC) who is on a trip to Australia and Doug Ubanski sitting in for Rush who is just an outstanding host. He was in the facebook movie. I wish this guy had a regular show, he's just so articulate and brilliant. And a guy I have never heard of sitting in for Dennis today Lee Habeeb. Just a smart guy, really enjoyed the show.

I think this is a photo of Lee, not positive.

As I listen to a lot of radio lately and almost no podcasts or audiobooks because I think the upcoming election is so important I tend toward KRLA. They have such intelligent shows and informative shows. And I think Hugh Hewitt is really the best of the best. You can not get more information and up to date political news than from Hugh, the guy is just brilliant.

One thing about the digital world that is just pathetic and funny. Microsoft just updated their logo. Here it is.

I think this is about a lame as it gets. I bought my first computer in May of 1993 when Windows 3.1 was released. It was a 386-40 megahertz, AMD processor with a 130MB hard drive with 4mb of ram and a Viewsonic 14 inch monitor. It cost me $1800 from a Louisana company called Treasure Chest Computers. I'm a Microsoft guy as you can see. I downloaded the consumer preview of Windows 8 and ran it on my Dell. It has to be the worst thing I have ever used. It forces people to learn new key combinations to navigate the operating system. They are trying to sell this crap, a tablet with a keyboard called "surface". It's going to fail. I have used every version of Windows and now I will own an Apple computer by next fall. I think the company, Microsoft as we know it today will not be around in 10 years. They are just clueless. 

- JP

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