Sunday, August 26, 2012

Storm's A Brewing And Not Just In Tampa

Watch out everyone, Larry Miller has his Labor Day Sit and Sleep ads on the air now, that you will hear guessed it, after Labor Day. I hope I don't hurt myself diving for the volume knob.

Out of town this weekend. We were in Thousand Oaks, Ca, one of the worst places for Sprint cell phone access. And the Internet in our hotel room didn't work. They put our last name in the computer misspelled, didn't find that out until we were checking out. Trying to get on using a hotel login page with my last name, no dice. Without the Internet I watched about ten episodes of Pawn Stars, what a show.

We listened to the Car Talk Guys on the way there. My wife loves Tommy's laugh. If your in a bad mood just turn that show on, it will perk you up. We listened to Leo Laporte on the way home of course. My wives favorite show...not. Stopped at Bea's Bakery in Reseda for an Egg Challah and a Napoleon.

Huge week coming up with the Convention and the storm. The radio will be all a buzz. I bet you will hear guests on the radio this week that you rarely hear, big names. It's going to be "sound bite" heaven. Sorry to hear that Joe Biden canceled his Florida trip, that would have been beautiful. Now I'm seeing on Drudge that the storm could over shadow everything, being possibly as big as Katrina, hope not.

Can't Forget to mention that Vin Scully will be coming back for another year, amazing. Oh nothing, just 64 years on the job.

This week in radio history: August 27, 1910 James McCurdy sends first aircraft-to-ground wireless message

Also Rest in Peace American Hero!  Neil Armstrong

- JP

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