Thursday, August 30, 2012

Punch Number Two!

Well I really didn't think it could get better than yesterday but it was great. I heard again on NPR, 89.3 KPCC to be exact, three GOP Convention speeches. Oh my god the Governor of New Mexico? I have never heard of this woman, she is awesome. Susana Martinez. I thought that story about her carrying a Smith and Wesson .357 was hilarious. The audience did too. Can you imagine being in a court room with this woman trying to prosecute you, holy crap. I can't wait for all these a-holes tomorrow to tear this woman to shreds.

I heard all kinds of people today trying to tear down Ann Romney and saying Christie's speech was crappy. You have got to be kidding me. Even Larry Elder saying he wished he could have wrote the speech for Christie, he should have said this and this and this. Please. That's the speech he wanted to give and it was awesome. People just can't take things at face value. All kinds of media just talking trash. How anyone can say a bad thing about Ann Romney is just so beyond the pale, but I guess you have to fill air time. I won't be listening or watching it. Hey if there is a great speech at the Democratic Convention I'll be the first to say it. I'm not going to be parsing it, looking for how it's bad for the Republicans. This whole thing with the media is just mental masturbation. Ann Coulter says "Where's my Christie, what happened" stuff it Ann. Go pose for Playboy or something.

Then Condi Rice, wow. I so respect this woman. She did a great job. That line just induced tears: "And on a personal note– a little girl grows up in Jim Crow Birmingham – the most segregated big city in America - her parents can’t take her to a movie theater or a restaurant – but they make her believe that even though she can’t have a hamburger at the Woolworth’s lunch counter – she can be President of the United States and she becomes the Secretary of State". This is one of our greatest citizens. She gives this campaign such credibility too.

Paul Ryan looked and sounded great. This guy is just such the right pick. I saw people in the audience with tears in their eyes, rightly so. He showed his family on camera and his mom, soo cool. It was a 37 minute speech and I loved it. How could you possibly get a more competent person than this guy? The LA Times where I stole this photo from had such a bias title for the article they ran: "Ryan rouses GOP convention by trashing Obama on economy". Real nice LA Times, so you don't care about objectivity anymore? Or never did is more like it. Good god.

Wednesday morning Dennis Prager from Tampa was sounding so upbeat. He sounded and commented that he has never felt this optimistic. You could hear it in his voice. I was wondering how the other shows in town felt if they just had to do regular show because they didn't have anyone in Tampa or weren't there themselves. I think this is just taking over the whole week. I can't listen to anything else. I wonder if next week will be this interesting hmmmm hmmmm?

Here is a photo of Hugh Hewitt on radio row in Tampa. 

- JP

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