Tuesday, August 21, 2012

People Just Declare It, He's Done. I Beg To Differ

I'm so angry about this. All these radio hosts I listen to today just say get out to this guy. OK it was stupid what he said but an apology is nothing?

You know I don't get it. A guy says he is sorry for what he said and all the radio hosts that I listen to just don't believe him and just kick him to the curb....and he's a conservative. It seems to me it's more about the election than what he did. I don't claim to know a thing about this guy. Maybe he's gotta a bad rep. But if a person that you or I know says something stupid and then spends the next 24 hours on every radio show imaginable apologizing, do you then say... you're a lair and kick him to the curb and ruin his life? I just do not get this. My values dictate that I would at least give him the benefit of the doubt. If he did it again or had a history of this then OK I get it. The values of conservatives are based on more solid principles than this. I mean every one including Mitt Romney, whom I'm very disappointed in just says...see ya. OK I get it, he won't win, the seat is very important. But we are talking about a mans life here. He will never be the same after this, the whole country is hammering him. Mark Levin is like "he's done, it's over". Really? So this man's life is just over, how's he gonna get a job after this. Just trash him, bye, really? Do you think he really believes what he said, or was it a gaff for gods sake, of course it was. If it was a Democrat or a Republican or anyone how can you just say see ya you suck. I don't get that, it's not in keeping with me being a Christian and a Conservative. Someone says something stupid and spends the next 24 hours on every radio show imaginable and you don't forgive them, really? We have to ruin his life? He will be known forever for this, really? Talk about cruel. I don't get it. I'm hearing people just declaring it... he's done..why? because you said so? I don't agree. How about the chains gaff from Biden, crickets.

- JP

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  1. Get a grip man. This dude is a wild card who has a history of being outrageous. He finally went too far.