Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NPR Broadcasts A Special Night.... For Those In Our Cars

It was quite a drive tonight on the way to and back from the Valley. I experienced something pretty cool. I heard speeches talking about America and the people that live here and our dreams and hopes for the future. These speeches done by some of the brightest stars in the Republican Party at the National Convention in Tampa. It was odd, as I was driving I was seeing the sky and the sunset and working people, like the plumber that passed me, and the guy driving the Vons truck and the woman and her young son going home. It was strange and beautiful to see real people and the landscape of our city and hear inspiring words from people like Texas Senate Republican candidate Ted Cruz, Former Rep. Artur Davis, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. It's a bit sappy but it just hit me with that sunset.

I looked around at all the AM stations that I listen to and none of them were broadcasting any of the live GOP Convention. I never thought I would say this, but thank god for NPR. They were the only ones broadcasting it. I only wished they had just put the live feed on instead of breaking away and going down to the floor to interview delegates. I missed half of Artur Davis' and Ted Cruz because they did that. If even one of the AM stations did it like KRLA, who does special election coverage, people listening would have been riveted like I was. It was a big night and I wanted to hear it all, but I have this pesky job so I couldn't be at home watching it, oh yea I don't have cable, thanks Networks, what's going on here?

Ann Romney comes out and tells the most tear inducing story of her and Mitt meeting at a high school dance and then living in a basement apartment and Mitt going to two colleges at once while she cared for kids. It sucked me right in. I think Ann Romney is incredible. And I think this story is wonderful, call me naive.

Then the topper...Chris Christie doing the Keynote. This guy is amazing and just killed out there. Thoughtful and smart and open about his growing up and his parents and how he still can't believe he's the Governor of New Jersey. Every time he walks into the State House he shakes his head. Amazing energy he had. I was blown away. And I only had the sky and highway to look at.

Big fail for the local stations. I have to give credit to Tim Conway Jr. for replaying the speech on KFI at 8pm, I listened again. I think one local station should play both conventions from beginning to end. I would even listen to the Democrats and I probably will on NPR. This is the biggest election of my lifetime and your lifetime, it's important. Ignoring it will not help our country and besides those licenses you stations hold...we own those so buy a clue!

Get ready tomorrow for a barrage of rehashing of this night, including Fox commentator Juan Williams saying on some panel show that Ann Romney is a "Corporate wife who's husband takes care of her". To watch that  speech and then say that, this guy has ice running though his veins and or he's just an asshole with an agenda for the left, unreal!

- JP

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