Friday, August 10, 2012

No Singing or Music on Talk Radio, Honest to Christ Your Killing Me Tim

I turn on Conway and Steckler who were sitting in for John and Ken on KFI and Tim is playing frigging Christmas music. I had to change the station. I know Tim thinks it's real funny. He thinks a lot of things he's does is funny. I find it offending my ear holes to such an extent that it's painful. There is some weird thing about Summer and Christmas. I remember as a kid the TV networks used to rerun holiday sitcoms in the summer. This is just not good. It's August and it will be here soon enough. I'm surprised I haven't seen Halloween stuff yet. Ahh baboo. One thing that Tim does well is cover live news. And tonight a small plane crashed in Westwood and Tim and Doug played audio from NBC and did a great job covering it. Bravo. John and Ken on vacation all next week. Tim and Gina Grad mon-wed and Doug Th-Fri. I'd rather have Doug all week. Lots of other choices.

Wayne Resnick is the go to guy for fill ins at KFI and was at the LA Food and Wine Festival tonight filling in for Tim's regular spot. The remote feed sounded very good. Wayne is always good and has a great sense of humor. I found something on that says he has been at KFI since 1988. He used to play his own produced songs on the show. I haven't heard him do that in a while.

At this festival tonight Wayne talked to Chef Sam Choy who had his new food truck at the event called The Pineapple Express. This guy is a serious Chef. He's actually worked or works for American Airlines in developing a menu that people love, that's hard to do. He also has a restaurant in Hawaii. Follow the food truck and where it will be on it's very own twitter account: @pineapplxpress1

Every Friday at 7:45pm on 870 KRLA is the weekly appearance of Fox News's Chris Wallace with Mike Gallagher on 870 KRLA. I really love this segment. This week Chris had almost nothing to talk about because they had not yet nailed down the guests for Chris' Sunday show Fox News Sunday. Mike loved this and gave Chris the hardest time, hilarious. So Mike talked about appearing this evening here in So Cal in the Broadway Play Memphis and recited his 45 second speech that he does in the play while Chris howled. Mike mentioned that there is a listener in Atlanta that stops every Friday and sits in his truck to hear Mike and Chris go at each other. Now that is compelling radio!

Then!....Dennis Miller had Roseanne on his show. They go way back. She was promoting a Roast on Comedy Central this Sunday. Dennis talked about the first time they met at a comedy festival in Denver. Then they went and got a burger at a McDonald's drive though. They walked up to the drive though and then sat on a curb and ate the food. Before she came on Dennis was saying to Christian his producer that if she brings up politics (them being on opposite sides) that he will defend himself. She didn't. It was a fun interview. She is pretty crazy in my opinion. Anyone remember those Pizza Hut commercials she used to do? When she was first on the scene she was funny as hell.

This is from 1988!

The Roast is called Come to Mama LOL

- JP

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