Wednesday, August 1, 2012

KRLA content on KFI? Really?

I want to start with a disclaimer. If what I'm about to write is incorrect I will retract it. But I'm pretty sure I have this right. Tuesday at 8pm on KFI, Tim Conway Jr. played an interview with Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey. Yesterday, Monday, Jon Lovitz was sitting in as host for Dennis Miller. Dana Carvey was on a bad phone. I'm listening to this and thinking, wait Tim is playing an interview from the Dennis Miller show on KFI? Dennis Miller's show is broadcast on 870 KRLA from 8pm to 11pm week nights. Tim never said where the interview was from. I heard both segments where he was playing this interview. He never mentioned anything about where he got it. He changed topics when he came back after 8:30pm. I did email Tim and ask him about this with no responds. So I went over to and there is the interview, posted for free listening. I turned it on and it's the same interview that Tim played. Now I guess this could be considered "Fair Use" I don't know the law. At one time I don't think the FCC liked it if one station played another's content. As Steckler would say, I find this strangely impossible that Tim checked with Robin the PD about this and I'm sure Dennis Miller himself not to mention KRLA would take much of a liking to this. It's ballsy, it's lazy, it could be considered theft I guess. Of all the years I have been listening to Talk Radio I have never heard something like this happening. People play clips all the time from other shows or from TV but not a whole interview from someone else's show and then you don't tell anyone where it's from, for obvious reasons. Tim said he should have Jon Lovitz on the show. That might have been a better way to go.

Here is Conway's show from 8pm Tuesday, hear it for yourself.

- JP

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  1. Sounds similar to when Doug Stephan stole material from Armstrong & Getty last year.