Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Heat'n Hope

This weather is intense. After driving for so many years I see this increase in traffic the last few weeks in August almost every year. People are out on the town and on vacation and the hot weather tends to put people in their cars. The traffic for a Monday was horrendous. How about this, an intersection in Westminster on Beach Blvd. with flashing red lights and no cop directing traffic of course. They just don't direct traffic anymore, why is that? Backup a 1/4 mile in each direction. Then it's slow driving day. At least once a month almost everyone I get behind is going slow, for no reason. Or I'm just in a hurry?

Michael Medved was at the Reagan Ranch in Santa Barbara doing his show, just like Hugh Hewitt did a few weeks ago. Mike is definitely a type A personality. He was just in Ohio yesterday. He's busy. He was up at the ranch to celebrate the 31st anniversary of the Reagan Tax Cuts. He did the show from the same table that Reagan signed those cuts. I so want to go up and see that ranch but it's not open to the public.

Of course everyone including Michael was talking about the VP pick Ryan. I'm really jazzed about it. This was a huge game changer. I love days like this, the radio is all a buzz and people are excited. And that one line from Ryan that is just so awesome "Our Rights Come From Nature and God, Not Government". Larry Elder managed to get Paul Ryan on his show today, it was a great interview. What a home run this is. 

"Biden must be in an adult diaper today" - Dennis Miller

Adam Carolla was on tonight and layed Dennis Miller out, Dennis couldn't stop laughing. Adam's podcast is dark this week. Vaca I would imagine. Talk about a busy guy, geez. Adam and Dennis are doing a show together at the Grove of Anaheim Friday, November 16. I'm working damn it. 

KFI did an interesting thing tonight, no not having Gina Grad on with Tim, I suspect they are testing these two for something. I heard the Gummy Bear song and tuned out. I don't know what the hell is going on over there. 

Filling in for Tim was Robert Townsend. 
Robert Townsend is an American actor, comedian, film director, and writer. He said he had been doing some show fill in's at KTalk. This was interesting tonight. He's got a great voice and is funny. Seems like a nice guy. He had a few guests on and it sounds pretty cool. He might have a future in talk radio. There is room for a show like this, I'd listen.

Mark Levin was on Neil Cavuto today by phone.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKBbhAdiKxk 
Interesting to hear Mark talk about how much he likes the pick of Ryan. Mark might be the smartest guy on the radio when it comes to politics and the Constitution. If you read his book Ameritopia you can't believe how smart this guy is.

I have only heard about 10 minutes of this but wow. The NPR show called "The Story" did a piece on Anne Leibovitz the famous New York portrait photographer. I've always been a huge fan being an amateur photographer myself. In the ten minutes I heard (and I will listen to the whole thing) they talk about how she has had financial problems of late. I first heard of her years ago and was amazed when I saw a book of hers in the library. There was this photo of Woody Allen, up against a wall of pink tile, he was in a woman's bathroom. Brilliant idea for a photo.

The Story - NPR
A Pilgrimage For Annie Leibovitz
Monday, August 13 2012 http://thestory.org/archive/search_media?review_state=published&start.query:record:list:date=2012-08-13%2023%3A59%3A59&start.range:record=max&end.query:record:list:date=2012-08-13%2000%3A00%3A00&end.range:record=min&month:int=8&year:int=2012

If you click on this link you can see a bunch of her famous photos: https://www.google.com/search?q=Annie-Leibovitz&aq=f&sugexp=chrome,mod%3D17&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=3P8pUMvEJezyiQLEl4CgDg&biw=1493&bih=833&sei=3_8pUNn_GKq7igKGwYCQBQ

Update. After I wrote this post I went ahead and listened to the whole interview with Anne Leibovitz. Incredible. You know I'm not a huge fan of the government giving money to public radio, but man this is well done.

- JP

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