Monday, August 27, 2012

Flip the switch!

Dennis Prager was so pissed arriving in Tampa to see the first day canceled. He was doing a show from a local radio station. He said "I'm looking out the window at leaf movement"

I heard Ambassador John Bolton on KRLA with Brian Whitman this morning, I was like what the hell? I love John Bolton. I hope he get's to be Secretary of State one day.

"Mitt Romney got though all those Liberal schools...something must have changed...a Mexican babysitter must have dropped him or something" - Geraldo at the Convention

Hugh Hewitt had on from Tampa, Actor/Activist John Voight, great interview. At some point he's going to put that video up. Hugh was on CNN. Very sharp dresser indeed.

From a few days ago Radio: Can KLOS bounce back as it wraps up the end of an era?

Apple owns patent for Podcasting
Could make it difficult for third parties to use the word podcast to describe their offerings

Behind the Curtain: A conversation with Stitcher Smart Radio

A taste of Chris Christie today in front of the California Delegation. He's gonna kill so hard on the Keynote, I can't wait!

Tomorrow should be one hell of a day. Great radio everywhere.

- JP

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