Sunday, August 19, 2012

Director Tony Scott Jumps off of the Vincent Thomas Bridge

It's not really a radio story but it's so LA. If you told me that some guy named Tony Scott drove on to the Vincent Thomas Bridge and jumped off and killed himself, I would have no idea who you were talking about. Then if you told me he directed Top Gun, ok. I still would have no idea who he was but ok he directed that film and 115 episodes of "Numbers" the TV show. His IMDB page is long, it goes back to 1997. Living in LA you don't see movie stars all over the place or recognizable movie people. I might have seen 2 in my life. I heard about this on the radio at around noon. I just heard who it was now at around 10pm. Depressed? On meds? Probably. A 68 year old man with some real success drives his car on to the Vincent Thomas Bridge, stops and without hesitation (I heard on the news) and just jumps. The Vincent Thomas Bridge is in San Pedro and is a huge bridge. I hate driving over this thing. It scares me. Picture this. Driving your car to the apex of this bridge and getting out and just jumping over the side. It's 185 feet to the water. When you are on this bridge it feels like you are hundreds of feet off the earth. I can't imagine doing this. I feel for this guy. He must have been so desperate and unhappy. Very sad. Another Hollywood suicide. He obviously wanted to make a splash, sorry. Forever he will be known as a the guy who directed Top Gun and then jumped off a bridge. I'm sorry it just seems so worthless and sad. Ballsy, I couldn't do it.

- JP

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