Thursday, August 30, 2012

Can You Please Shut Up NPR...So I Can Hear The Speech!!

I want gavel to gavel coverage with one quiet speaking announcer for both the conventions, like the congressional hearings have, from now on! I was so frustrated with listening to NPR's GOP Convention coverage for a third frikken day. 89.3 KPCC is the only station in town covering it. But you need to ride though their formatics and commentators and then layered on top of that is KPCC's formatics with Shirley Jahad doing local news and traffic and bla bla bla, Jesus. Someone will be giving a speech and they will go "we are going to back out of this and take a break" or "we are going to go down to the floor talk to a delegate". Then this NPR person is talking to a delegate on the floor and you can hear in the distance that person still giving the speech, but I'm not allowed to hear it! I heard pieces of several speeches but it's always layered over with commentary by someone at NPR. They come on mic and tell me who I'm listening to interrupting! And I already know who I'm listening to! Shut up!

Thankfully I got to hear all of Clint Eastwood (who was the surprise speaker) and Rubio and Romney. Another great night and very inspiring. I loved this whole week, just really enjoyed it .

It was funny after it was all over NPR went to a round table of people from NPR and they made comments about the speech, I'm a glutton for punishment. Big lefty Mara Liasson says "I didn't think it was a great speech". Ok...why? Crickets. Just spit that out there and offer up no explanation. Maybe it was something you FELT Mara.

I tweeted to KPCC "can you guys stop talking so I can hear this convention!"

I got a tweet back from the great newsman over at KABC Steve Kindred  "switch to kabc. we'll have Romney speech live any minute". I saw this around 8pm and moved over there. Thanks Steve! I never heard one thing about KABC airing it. But then I wasn't there most of the day.

Now this only leaves the all out stupid commentary from the media that will tell me what line of what speech was racially coded and who is a bad person at heart and how horrible it all was. Give it a rest, I'll make up my own mind! Hey Chris Matthews...I got your "Code"....right here!!!

- JP

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