Monday, July 30, 2012

Yea.... that's the ticket!

This Chick Fil A thing won't go away, in fact on Wednesday August 1st there is a movement for people to go eat lunch there to support this company and to support Free Speech. I'm there. It was all over radio today.

I turned on Dennis Miller tonight and there is Jon Lovitz sitting in for him. He's a little green behind the mic, but it was cool. I love Jon. This man has given me more laughs than I can count. When he was on SNL it was huge. He had Dana Carvey on tonight as well. Jon said that he was also on Hannity and sits in on Kevin Smith's Podcast often, I did not know that, that's really wild. He owns a Comedy Club and Podcast theater in Universal City. Adam Carolla does his show there often. I think Jon grew up in Tarzana, Ca. I'm surprised I never ran into him. I worked at the famous Bea's Bakery in Tarzana when I was in High School. Tonight I learned that Jon got a theater degree from University of California, Irvine. And his Dad was a doctor, the Jackson Family doctor.

Look at this we are getting closer. Stitcher Unveils Talk Radio's First Unique API to Further Evolve the Connected Car Stitcher Connect Launches in Chevrolet Sonic and Spark Models.

Hugh Hewitt did a great show from the Nixon Library today. He did a speech tonight about his book "The Brief Against Obama" which I'm listening to this week.

Saw this on Twitter today. I can't wait to hear this. From WNYC "Here's The Thing" with host Alec Baldwin and Billy Joel!
Episode #21
Billy Joel

I'm adding this after I wrote this post. I listened to the interview with Billy Joel by Alec Baldwin. I can not overstate how great this interview is. I had to add a comment about this. It's just mind blowing how emotional I got when I heard this. I love Billy Joel and his music and grew up listening to him. He goes though his whole career in this interview and plays piano and sings. I was just completely blown away by this. Like I have said before in other posts, Alec Baldwin might have the best radio interview show anywhere right now. Every single show he does is out of this world great. You must hear this.

One thing added late thanks to a post on facebook.
KFI plans 'cash mob' to help ailing O.C. toy store
Host Bill Handel to broadcast from Toy Boat Toy Boat Toy Boat store Tuesday.

- JP

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