Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Happiest Place on Riot

Well I have to say and acknowledge when someone does a good job and Conway did some really great coverage of the protests in downtown Anaheim tonight. I only heard him sing once. Aron Bender was great as usual and Steve Gregory gets himself right in the middle of all of it and is always awesome. Also Angel Martinez is on the spot every time with updated info, she rocks. I heard at the end of the show that Steve may have got knocked down on the ground. Have to find out more tomorrow. One of the strangest sights I have ever seen was the sky tonight. I work just down the street from Anaheim Stadium and I can see the fireworks nightly from Disneyland. And then to see about 6 helicopters flying over downtown Anaheim and knowing what was happening was just the weirdest thing. From the Happiest Place on Earth to a lot of really stupid pissed off people. I think people that are protesting don't understand that when you are asked to have to go home. If you don't, you might get pepper sprayed or tazed. I saw video of this really good looking Asian girl about 20 years old, kicking police cars as they drove by. One after the other. She was on camera laughing as she's kicking police cars. Think they might be able to identify her? Enjoy your last night in your bed at home. I'm pretty sure she will be spending sometime in jail.

Two celebrities died today, Sherman Hemsley and Chad Everett. I really like both these guys. Chad Everett was huge in his day, great actor. I heard that Sherman started that character George Jefferson on All in the Family, I had forgotten about that. Also lots of talk today about the home run speech that Romney gave in Reno. Hugh Hewitt played the whole thing. Mark Levin said that Romney is "in the zone" right now. I thought it was very Reagan-esk. Hannity asked Carl Rove when and who is the VP running mate going to be. He wouldn't say who but he thinks within the next three weeks we will know.

I just saw this story on Radio Ink Magazine. Salem joins iHeart Radio. This is huge. Clear Channel keeps signing deals with its radio competitors, pushing iHeart Radio closer to becoming the primary audio delivery app for most radio stations across the country. The latest partnership with Salem will bring 97 stations from 37 markets to the iHeart Radio platform. The Salem stations, which focus on Christian and conservative opinion content, will be available on iHeart Radio in September. In return, Salem stations will promote iHeart Radio on the air. Cox and Emmis both joined iHeartRadio last month. KRLA is a Salem station, very cool!

Tom Leykis came on at 3pm and talked about the fact that he knew he didn't want kids at age 8. One of the reasons was seeing and living with and sharing a room as a kid with an older Uncle that was retarded. A very personal and compelling story. I love when a host comes on and tells personal stories like this. Bravo Tom.

Mike Nolan was on with Bill Handel on KFI Tuesday. Check out this great interview about is plane crash.

Gary Lycan's article in the OC Register about Mike Nolan. Also info on Mark and Brian.

- JP

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