Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Circus is In Town...In More Ways Than One

Anaheim today has the circus in town. It appears to be two days in a row. Jeez I got off the freeway near Angel Stadium at around 4pm and the traffic was horrendous. A day game had just got out and the Barnum and Bailey Circus was bringing in the train with the show that is going to be at the Honda Center next week. Every year when they bring their train cars filled with elephants and the like, people come with chairs and line the street to see them. A half a block from my office, bad vibes for traffic.

I was listening to Tom Leykis at 3pm try to do politics for an hour and it was bad. He says that he rarely does a show about politics, good thing. He based his whole opinion of Romney on one poll that came out today that said Obama is ahead by about 6 points or something. I heard it debunked the rest of the day. Tom says over and over that he doesn't like what Obama has done and thinks he's clueless about the economy but he's still voting for him, oy vey. I thought you were much smarter than that Tom. Tom believes all the bull the left says about how bad Romney is. Ridiculousness. Tom also said "no conservative radio talk show has influence on politics". Politicians are on those shows and millions of people listen. Ridiculousness, again. Here is the poll:


“Mitt Romney he’s speaking to a … segment of the population who does not like to see people other than a white man in the White House or any other elected position. Let’s be real clear about it. We know what’s going on here, and some people may be afraid to say it, but I’m not. I’m not afraid to say it. He’s speaking to the friends out there who do not want to see anybody other than a white person in a leadership position.  … This is not about anything other than they don’t want President Barack Obama in office.

I heard this on Larry Elder and I have one thing to say. This woman is a complete racist and really really annoying and stupid and a complete embarrassment, look at that photo, good god. I'm not taking this crap from anyone, it's about ideas, not race. Take your BS and shove it, nobody is going to take you seriously, ever.

"Your sound track for the end of the Mayan Calendar....KFI"

Mike Gallagher went crazy for this new movie called "Obama's America 2016". It's based on a book by Dinesh D'Souza, who brilliant.

Michael Medved had a very smart guy on named James Glasman. His new book is called the 4% Solution, Unleashing the economic growth America needs. He said that raising taxes would be the exact wrong thing to do now. Great interview. Here is more info on James:

Tonight on Coast to Coast AM....Jesse Ventura...for 2 hours....ahh baboo. He just said "Cuba...they've never done a thing to us". Are you kidding me? How about all the people suffering in that country you jack ass!

Just saw this. The Brief Against Obama is an Audiobook on Audible now. This book by LA's own Hugh Hewitt.

- JP

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