Thursday, July 5, 2012

So Much To Say

Well I took a month off. It was sort of a little of this and little of that. Not too many people reading the blog and also it was taking a lot of my time. At the peak I was getting about a thousand hits, that's pretty good. But at the low it was around 27 people consistently coming everyday to read it, which I really appreciate. I was taking notes during the day and then I was getting people sending me negative emails. Any time you claim to know anything people are going to tell you that your self promoting and grandstanding. I'm over that now. Nobody that is writing a column or a blog knows as much about LA a listener than I do. I have views and opinions and I'm going to write about it. If you don't like me or what I write, don't come here. That's just me, take it or leave it.

I enjoy writing and I have a lot to say. Especially now in this very heated election season. What sparked me to start up again is that I have about 5 days off and have some time... and the surprising performance of some hosts this Thursday,

I turned on the radio early about 8am today. I heard John Phillips on 790 KABC sitting in for Doug McIntyre. He was going back and forth with LA radio icon Larry Van Nuys who does the news. Now Larry has been in LA and on the radio since 1959. And what a set of pipes this man has, oh my god. He's such a nice guy too having talked to him online a few times, very gracious. I told him I would love to hear him have his own show, like on the weekend. John and him went back and forth for quite a while today, really cool.

Then I hear Hugh Hewitt come on the air today in full attack mode. I love it when people like Hugh and Dennis Prager (who did a great 4th of July show) come on, in a holiday week and have a purpose. Hugh did 15 minutes on the current heathcare problems and the president and the election. I personally think that Hugh does the best most thoughtful radio show on the air here in LA. He is a law professor at Chapman College in the OC and I think he does the show in his office remotely. Every minute of his show is informative and smart, except he is obsessed with college sports but I'll let that slide.

I gotta say that I'm a little disappointed that Tom Leykis left town early this week. His first hour on Monday was so great with Steven Raichlen the BBQ master and author. What an incredible show that was. But then I turn on the show on Tuesday and it's a repeat. And I'm assuming the rest of the week. I saw him tweet a photo of the full moon from his ranch so I assume he's up there. I think if you have a new business and want to make it successful you need consistency. Balancing work and the fact that you have an awesome ranch in Santa Barbara can present a problem. Tom has had some good press latley including an article in the LA Weekly and the LA Times. By the way the LA Times now is blocking people from doing a "save as" of photos on their website. This is a screen capture. Bite me LA Times!

- JP


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