Monday, July 9, 2012

Scott Simon

You know every weekend if I'm up early enough I turn on NPR. Now people that know me and have read my blog know that I'm a conservative. I will not be voting for the President in November. A lot of people think this might be weird. I think the government funding of NPR is ridiculous. But that said I really enjoy some of what they do in spite of the fact that I don't think it should even exist. Scott Simon is a gem. He is the host of Weekend Edition. This guy is one of the best broadcasters I have ever heard. He's thoughtful and soft spoken and smart. I have been listening to him for years. He's a staple of the weekend and if he does it much longer he will be and institution. He's just a pleasure to listen to.

What an interesting life he has had. He joined NPR in 1977 in Chicago. He's been all over the world and hosted many different shows and won tons of awards. Go to the page that NPR put up talking about his life, it's really interesting.

I thought a fascinating thing about Scott was his early life. His father was a Comedian and his Mother was an actress. Both his brother and sister died at a young age as well as his father. His mother got remarried to a baseball player. He has lived in almost every big city in America. Simon met French documentary filmmaker Caroline Richard during an NPR interview in 2000. They married September 10, 2000, in a mixed faith (Methodist, Quaker, and Jewish) service in Ridgefield, Connecticut. They have two daughters, both adopted as babies from China; the first, Elise, in 2004 and the second, Lina, in 2007. They consider themselves a Jewish family (Simon's father was Jewish and his mother was of Irish Catholic background)

I don't know how you can have a more interesting life and be more successful. Just amazing and enviable. I turn on the radio on the weekend and this guy is always there and has such a pleasant speaking voice and is smart and always interesting. Pretty amazing.

- JP
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