Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lightening Speed Channel Changes

Wednesday was pretty much dominated by Romney being booed at the NAACP and the voting down of ObamaCare coming from the House. And San Bernardino declaring BK. Not feeling that great today so this will be short.

This morning I actually heard Geraldo say "I'm not a lefty". I almost pissed myself. 

I listened to all commercial radio today and no podcasts. I'll catch up tomorrow. It's just that this election is heating up so much I think it's important to listen to hosts talking about it. I turned on Dennis Prager and it was a best of show. I think he was traveling. Trying to dodge all the ads on commercial radio is so tough. How many more times will Mike Diamond play that smell good plumber ad? For the love of the baby Jesus spend some money and record a new spot. I listened to a bit of Rush but I'm trying to avoid KFI. No Leykis today either, I'm still so pissed at that show he did. 

Mary Chatharine Hamm and Guy Benson were sitting in for Hugh Hewitt who is on Vacation, very competent show. I enjoyed it, they are smart cookies. 

Mike Gallagher played a clip of James Earl Jones on with Tavis Smiley. James said he was taught to be a racist by his grandmother and he loves MSNBC. Oy vey. You gotta hear this.

Then Dennis Miller replayed an interview with Ernest Borgnine that is priceless. What contribution to American culture. Rest in Peace. 

- JP

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