Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Leykis wants more calls, might be a sign of the business weakening

Let me first say I love Tom. Oh man this makes me laugh. Tom Leykis sounds like he's in desperation mode. His business must be in peril. Tom Leykis comes on at 3pm today and talks for an hour on how he's pissed that nobody is calling into the show. "This is a call in show" he says. To have a talk show host lecture to me that he wants me to do something to make his life easier, are you kidding me? I turn on the show and listen and that is all I need to do. To do a show on how he's unhappy and that people are only posting on facebook and Twitter instead of calling is just frigging stupid. You will never keep people from posting on social media. Tom you can talk about this for as long as you want. Social media is here to stay and fighting against it is just a waste of time. I would think you would be smart enough to know that. Do I get to hear endless shows of you complaining about this? He's been doing this for weeks. If this is a potential financial problem for you I get that, but it's not worthy of a show and frankly that's your problem and it's boring to listen to.

You are going to forbid posting on facebook, lol really? Good luck with that. Dumbest thing you could possibly do. You do not understand social media.

Your show does not depend on interactivity like you said, it's about you. Callers suck. I have no idea why you think it's about calls. Some of the dumbest people I have ever heard in my life are your callers. Must not be going well over there to do a whole show on this non issue.

The level of literacy has increased with social media? Duh, they are reading and typing, pretty simple.

It sounds like you want to stop doing it. If you want to save a fortune, go. Sounds like you rather be in Santa Barbara, go man. I think you loved that time off so much and now you have a real job you have to be at everyday and your not liking it.

I'm not obligated to help you one iota. I'll listen, that's about it.

- JP

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