Friday, July 6, 2012

Hosts Hosting on Holiday, Surprising

When I woke up I heard Leo Laporte on with Bill Handel doing his regular Friday hit. Really surprising how many hosts came into work today. I thought after the 4th it would be all fill in hosts. Rush didn't come in which is not surprising, but had a very cool host from Wisconsin, Mark Belling. He sits in often and is very sharp. Rush reminds me of how Carson slowly started taking days off and then retired. I suspect Rush will do the same. I would guess in probably 5 years he will be gone. If he stays till 2018 that will be 30 years on the air.

Larry Elder is on the air today. He replayed an interview with Erwin Chemerinsky who is normally only on Hugh Hewitts show. Very smart law professor and Dean at UCI, a big lefty. He had a bet for a meal if Obama Care would pass the court. Larry probably waiting for a call.

Hugh Hewitt is on as well, the hardest working host on the air. John and Ken are on the air but I can tell by the audio quality that John is at his house in Lake Arrowhead.

From Talkers Magazine. “Coast to Coast AM” Host George Noory Launches Anti-Obesity Campaign. Premiere Networks personality George Noory is announcing the beginning of his campaign to encourage his listeners to lose 15 million pounds. This would be a good reason to never listen to George Noory again. I so long for the days of Art Bell. George Noory is such a sorry substitute for Art. The show is just so mediocre, and it's been like ten years now right? I don't want to hear about your Anti-Obesity Campaign George, that's not what the show is about. I only listen when he has the old guests on like Richard C. Hogland and science based stuff on.

John Ivey, Clear Channel director of programming in Los Angeles just dumped Rick Dees for a Latino DJ. Hmm I wonder why? Pretty obvious. Who listens to FM music? I bet it goes to Spanish speaking soon. Almost all the decisions that Clear Channel makes lately are not good for radio and will hurt them in the long my opinion. Ruled by the PPM will be Digital Media's advantage and terrestrial radios demise.

Gary Lycan of the OC Register talks about Joe Crummey filling in at KABC. I wonder if he moved back from Arizona. Love that guy. Great host. He's been subbing for Geraldo Rivera (I thought that was Johns job) and will be filling in for 2 weeks starting July 6th. Very cool. Joe Joe Joe...Crummey!

Gary also reports that Jack Silver is leaving KABC, he was the program director of 97.1 The FM Talk Station back in the day. I always thought he was kind of a douche. He started as a on air host and did mornings with Brian Whitman in San Diego. Conway would have him on the air often and he was always just a dick.

The road to digital content rolls on. I think the radio business is hating life.

- JP

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