Friday, July 13, 2012

History, Talent and Legends

I get on the freeway at Shoup and Ventura tonight around 8pm. Everyone is playing commercials of course so I jump over to 89.3 KPCC and this show comes on called The Story. This guy Sean Cole who is not the regular host (and does an amazing job by the way) starts talking about a guy that works at Duke University and has a hobby and collecting and digitizing transcription disks (just like a big record) of old radio shows from the 30's and forties. I'm like "what?". I gotta hear that. This guy Randy Riddle who is the collector has about 600 of these 16 inch disks that were used to play on radio stations. What an interesting piece. It's really a must hear if you like the history of radio. This guy has a "Suspense" show with Orson Wells on it that is very rare, they play part of it. The other stories on the hour long show are not to be missed. Very impressive. Public Radio has some great stuff sometimes. I'll be back to hear that show again.

Here is a link to the show page and audio.

You can also listen to some of the disks at Randy Riddles' blog

Yesterday I heard actress Diane Ladd on Adam Carollas' show. That was surprising to see her on the show. Great interview. She's still a very spunky woman with lots of opinions and looks like she's been taking care of herself. She's done so many great movies and with her daughter Laura Dern.

The great Vin Scully was interviewed by Hugh Hewitt this week and Hugh put the transcript up on his website. It's a must read. I heard the interview and thought it was really special.

And another sports guy that's been around for years, Todd Donahue. I heard Mark and Brian make fun of him on the air for years. He's doing sports on their show and on Doug McIntyres' show on KABC. He knows his stuff. He's simi-retired now and lives in Columbia Missouri and does the show from a spare bedroom. Great article on him with some cool photos.

Then one last thing. Congrats to Brian Whitman for getting back to work on the air in LA. He joins Heidi Harris and Ben Shapiro, mornings at KRLA. It's been a few years and it must feel really good to have a job to go to. KFI and KABC got nothing on KRLA, they have some of the best shows on the air in LA. Good choice.

- JP

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