Saturday, July 21, 2012

Godspeed Mike Nolan

My heart goes out to LA's own Mike Nolan, known as KFI in the Sky. A passenger and Mike were injured in a crash today. Mike is an icon of LA radio, he just seems to always be there.

From the KFI website.
Today at 6:18PM, KFI AM640’s longtime traffic reporter, Mike Nolan, was involved in a plane accident just east of the Corona Municipal Airport. Current reports state that both Mike and his passenger escaped with non life-threatening injuries. It appears engine malfunction was the primary cause. I heard that they hit some power lines and on impact the plane caught fire.

Mike was born in Van Nuys, and raised in North Hollywood. Long before he covered traffic on the freeways, he played on them…..well, in the construction zone of the 170 anyway. Mike’s radio career began in 1973, in Truckee California. Having been a pilot since 1969, Mike was able to combine his love of radio and flying in 1980, becoming a Traffic Pilot/ Reporter in San Jose. After a year in the Bay Area, Mike and his wife Laurie spent 5 years in Phoenix, coming to KFI in 1986 to succeed the legendary Bruce Wayne. Mike and Laurie have a son, Jeremy, who was born in 1988. He is also a pilot, who hopes to make aviation a career. Mike meanwhile no longer flies daily, but we still have our KFI in the Sky airplane standing by for breaking news. For fun, Mike loves golf, wine, and riding his Harley. Whether on the ground or in the air, Mike’s over 30 year career of covering traffic makes him one of the most experienced traffic reporters in the country. 

Get well soon Mike

- JP

A photo of Mike Nolan at home looking pretty good.

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