Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Future, Hopefully Very Soon

This blog is usually about radio and podcasts. But it's also about digital media. Mark this date, July 15th, 2012. I think down the road this will be a very important day in how digital media is going to be delivered to our ears and eyes. AMC TV, which is normally a cable TV channel, did something tonight that is ground breaking. They streamed the premier of a very popular TV show called Breaking Bad in full screen HD. Because of a dispute with Dish Network and their channel being pulled off they put the first show online live, on their website for all to see, for free. And I gotta tell you it was incredible. No buffering, no glitches, just about as perfect as it could be, and in full screen. I was and am stunned. It was even a pleasure to see the commercials.

This will hopefully be the way we get all our TV very soon. I think content will be delivered not though satellite or cable companies, but though anyone anywhere that can produce the content and broadcast it online. Probably monetizing it with ads, which I'm fine with. These cable and satellite companies eventually will fall and we will end up with what we see here tonight. And it can't happen fast enough in my mind.
I can only imagine the room full of computers and tons of people it took to make this happen. Bravo to AMC, you pulled it off beautifully.

- JP

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