Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Election, Bad Callers, No Peanut Butter, How Shrill and Frampton!

This election is getting crazy. Romney is not defending himself now all of a sudden. Getting down in the gutter is what he is supposed to do I guess? Tomorrow it will be some new thing. It's amazing how all this stuff gets so hyped up. Sean Hannity debated James Carville on his TV show Tuesday night. I could go right now and watch the 10 minute video, but you know he will play the whole thing tomorrow. If Michael Medved is boring I'll check it out. Michael had Rob Portman on who just might be the VP running mate. I like him.

A couple random things.

Earnest...the incessant caller to the Larry Elder show. Can we stop taking his call Larry? Seriously this guy is just out to lunch and I hear his name and just sigh......

I'm almost at the end of Adam Carolla's book "Not Taco Bell Material". A funny rant from Adam about how cheap radio is. When he was doing his show at 97.1 and he gave Jack Silver the PD a list of stuff for the morning show. Just coffee and snacks and a $2.99 jar of JIF peanut butter. Jack threw a fit. No way was he going to pay for that. That's radio, bottom of the barrel. And Jack kept it there. Management!

Marissa Mayer
Tom Leykis did an exciting topic that I didn't listen to at 3pm today.....wait for it.......Student Loans. Didn't listen to the 4 O'clock but I did to the 5 O'clock. Tom was talking about a good subject, the internet and the fact that Yahoo just picked a new CEO........that's pregnant! Tom riffed on that pretty good. Tom how about a daily monologue at the top of the show about how your doing and what's going on with the boys and what you think about the news, come on man I'm not listening to a show about Student Loans!

John and Ken announced and played a long clip of Larry Kings new online TV show called Larry King Now on I love how John cackles hearing Larry talk, then they play that old "hotdog" drop. Pretty funny.

Second day with Greg Proops sitting in for Conway. I wish he would stay, really enjoying him. He's funny unlike you know who. In my opinion!

Late last night I was trying to listen to Marc Maron interview Fiona Apple. I lasted about 15 minutes. That woman is nuts. She's talented but I just could not take that voice and shrill laughing, oy vey!

And holy shit look at this. I have not heard this yet but I see that Alec Baldwin has interviewed Peter Frampton. I'll have to check that out tomorrow. Alec does this really good show on NPR called "Here's the Thing" The interview is available on his page, check it out if you want.

- JP

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