Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Effected By Events

Dennis Prager this Monday morning sounded genuinely depressed about this Colorado shooting. His voice was muted and lower than normal. Everybody was talking about it today of course. Friday for me was bad, I was very effected by this event and still am. And then to see this guy in court, oh brother.

I turned on Leykis and he was doing Money Monday. Boring sorry. I switched over to Hugh Hewitt, who was back from two weeks in Europe. Hugh had on a brilliant guy named John Burns. He is a British journalist, winner of two Pulitzer Prizes. He is the London bureau chief for The New York Times. Very knowledgeable about Middle East. He had a dim forecast for Iraq and Afghanistan. He does not have high hopes for progress and sees signs of things falling apart. Not good news.

Hugh also was talking on air with his producer call screener jack of all trades, affectionately known as General Alismo by Hugh, Duane Patterson. Duane revealed that he has a cancerous tumor in his throat or on his tonsils. He came on and talked about it a bit, he sounds fearless in the reality of it. Good for him. Get well soon Duane. That's him in the red shirt. And that goofy guy with the blue shirt, that's Hugh. 

On Mark Levin was the ever present John Lott, who shows up when people are talking about shootings and gun control. One of the most knowledgeable people on guns and stats on shootings and people that own guns. His great book should be read by all.

Astronaut Sally Ride died today. She made a huge impact as the first woman in space for the US Space Program. I remember the press making a huge deal out of her trip into space, it was all over TV and I followed it closely. RIP.

Just a little mention of two people that are not talked about a lot but I think do a pretty good job. I tune in occasionally and they are always upbeat and have a great sense of humor. I have never seen them before till I found this graphic of them. I gotta check them out more. They do kind of a news talk commenting drive time thing. It's hard to nail it down because it's on KFWB an all news station. Good stuff.

I turned on Dennis Miller and there sitting in was the great Royal Oaks. This guy is a brilliant lawyer and great talker. He's usually a guest on most shows. John Phillips had a regular spot every week there for a while. I don't think I've ever heard him host or fill in.

One last thing. At 9pm I turned on KFI and heard the return of Tim Conway Jr after two weeks. He's back in full force with absolutely no show. Him and Aron Bender at 9pm came on singing John Denver songs. If you're into that kind of thing go crazy. I am amazed that this guy is permitted to do this.

- JP

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