Monday, July 9, 2012


Holy crap Randy Wang doing a live read wow. I can't tell you how bad this is, I wonder if he got paid for that. Some how, some way somebody let Gina Grad and former KFI board op Randy Wang sit in for Conway and it's sounds like a caffeine fueled talk fast can we talk? You'd think after doing over 500 podcasts that they could pull it together and do an OK show, nope.. They are just not very bright people, especially Randy...ahh baboo. It's just not listenable and not interesting. Even Aron Bender the news guy seems distracted. I have heard these two for years. I have heard their podcast for a long time. I think that somehow some way these guys slipped in to the studio and program director Robin Bertolucci must be on vacation. It could not be more unlistenable. More and more KFI is just getting really bad. I don't like Handel or Bill Carroll. John and Ken have jumped the shark, even though they do good work for the community. Conway might be doing LA's worst show. Singing on mic and yelling and playing drops over and over. I have no idea how he comes on the air every night and just does what ever. It's bad and it's really horrible radio. The whole line up at KFI is bad. I have been listening to talk radio since 1983 and I know what's good and what sucks and KFI really blows lately.

You know what's good? Dennis Prager, steller. You know what's good? Sean Hanitty , know what's good? Hugh Hewitt. Know what's good? Mark Levin. Know what's good? Dennis Miller. Know what's good? NPR's Fresh Air. Know what's good? Michael Smirconish. Lots of choices at night that is not KFI.

It's because it's summer and no one is listening I think. In July I'm pretty sure that the ratings book doesn't mean jack so have at it. Bring in some podcasters and go crazy. And the sad thing is, they think what they are doing at KFI is awesome and they can do no wrong. After a certain amount of time the shine comes off people. And the person who will be responsible is the PD. Handel has been at KFI since 1989, Carroll bad choice. John and Ken been there forever, Conway just bad. Not to mention George Noory, awful. It's just my opinion but how many years till something changes? Pretty old line up. I heard the first hour tonight, radio is turned off now. I think I might listen to Adam Carolla.

- JP

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