Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Full Ear Hole

This photo is looking Northwest in the Valley around 8pm Wednesday. I left my garage today around noon and it was really warm, but dry. Lots of really cool high clouds and a little breeze. It was one of those interesting weather days. It did rain on me just a bit too. I have a company car and the day takes me though Diamond Bar, Anaheim, Huntington Beach and then a 2 hour drive up though downtown LA at rush hour and into the San Fernando Valley. This is everyday, transporting blood. So I'm like a mad man flipping those radio dials today and I also have my Android phone plugged in with the FM transmitter for audiobooks and podcasts and live streaming. Today was one of those crazy days with tons of great stuff flying at me.

First thing I see this morning is Sean Hannity has an exclusive interview with Zimmerman. It was on Drudge and he talked about having him on his TV show. He also appeared on Mark Levin's show which I hear after 6pm on KABC.

Photo of the sky over Huntington Beach Today. Around 2pm I'm in Huntington Beach. Listening on the way down Beach Boulevard I hear Pat Morrison on KPCC and her guest is Leonard Maltin talking about this Rotten Tomatoes deal from yesterday. I'm kind of scanning and then go to Medved and Hannity, back and forth dodging commercials. Then I take my lunch break (usually a cup of coffee) then I punch up the Tune In App on the phone to hear Tom Leykis do his opening at 3pm. I can't even remember what it was now but I turned it off and checked out Larry Elder who had on Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I love that man. He comes out one more time and says the birth certificate of Obama is fake. I believe the guy, too bad nobody gives a crap. I tune over and hear a replay of the Hugh Hewitt Show with Henry Kissinger! Hugh is on vacation in Germany, he posted on his blog this morning. Then back over to Larry Elder who has Former Iraqi Air Force General Georges Sada who thinks if Syria falls we will find out about the WMD that was taken over from Iraq. Check out his very important book. I read this, it's great.

Then at 5pm on my trip up to the Valley I turned on Leykis again. He was talking about a bit he last did in 1980 called "Be Funny". He takes un-screened calls and says "Be Funny". It was a good bit and lots of people called with tasteless jokes. Tom told a pretty entertaining old radio job story. Love those kind of shows. More personal stories Tom!

One huge story that broke all over the radio today was the James O'Keefe video. Brietbart broke this and it's big. O'Keefe is the same guy that brought down ACORN. This time he sets up this fake company and goes into a Union office asking for help in getting money for Green Jobs. His fake company digs holes and fills them in. It's just unreal. You will be hearing a lot about his. A must see to believe. For the whole story check this link:

I saved the best for last. I mentioned yesterday that an interview was done with Peter Frampton by Alec Baldwin on his NPR show "Here's the Thing". I was in East LA and popped it on and was mesmerized. I know Baldwin has a rep but this guy has one of the best shows on the radio right now. He's a great talker and thoughtful and he is really serious about putting out a good show. I'm so impressed by every one of his shows I can't tell you. This may be the best interview I have ever heard with Peter Frampton. If you're a fan like I am, you must hear this. Peter goes though his whole career and really gives detail and insight to what was going on. And the story about his prized guitar being lost in a plane crash and then him getting it back some 30 years later is just unbelievable. This might make you cry, it's just that good.

- JP

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