Monday, July 30, 2012

Yea.... that's the ticket!

This Chick Fil A thing won't go away, in fact on Wednesday August 1st there is a movement for people to go eat lunch there to support this company and to support Free Speech. I'm there. It was all over radio today.

I turned on Dennis Miller tonight and there is Jon Lovitz sitting in for him. He's a little green behind the mic, but it was cool. I love Jon. This man has given me more laughs than I can count. When he was on SNL it was huge. He had Dana Carvey on tonight as well. Jon said that he was also on Hannity and sits in on Kevin Smith's Podcast often, I did not know that, that's really wild. He owns a Comedy Club and Podcast theater in Universal City. Adam Carolla does his show there often. I think Jon grew up in Tarzana, Ca. I'm surprised I never ran into him. I worked at the famous Bea's Bakery in Tarzana when I was in High School. Tonight I learned that Jon got a theater degree from University of California, Irvine. And his Dad was a doctor, the Jackson Family doctor.

Look at this we are getting closer. Stitcher Unveils Talk Radio's First Unique API to Further Evolve the Connected Car Stitcher Connect Launches in Chevrolet Sonic and Spark Models.

Hugh Hewitt did a great show from the Nixon Library today. He did a speech tonight about his book "The Brief Against Obama" which I'm listening to this week.

Saw this on Twitter today. I can't wait to hear this. From WNYC "Here's The Thing" with host Alec Baldwin and Billy Joel!
Episode #21
Billy Joel

I'm adding this after I wrote this post. I listened to the interview with Billy Joel by Alec Baldwin. I can not overstate how great this interview is. I had to add a comment about this. It's just mind blowing how emotional I got when I heard this. I love Billy Joel and his music and grew up listening to him. He goes though his whole career in this interview and plays piano and sings. I was just completely blown away by this. Like I have said before in other posts, Alec Baldwin might have the best radio interview show anywhere right now. Every single show he does is out of this world great. You must hear this.

One thing added late thanks to a post on facebook.
KFI plans 'cash mob' to help ailing O.C. toy store
Host Bill Handel to broadcast from Toy Boat Toy Boat Toy Boat store Tuesday.

- JP

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Old KMET Is Now Playing The Low Rider Song

At dinner we turned on 94.7 The Wave. For years and years it has been "smooth jazz". It really wasn't smooth jazz but a mix of adult contemporary songs. I'm sitting there eating my lasagna on National Lasagna Day and I'm hearing the Low Rider song from the band War that is from frigging 1975! Why? What happen to the smooth jazz? Oh ok now I'm hearing Eric Clapton doing his great song "Tears in Heaven". And now I'm hearing Sting.

From the late 1960s until 1987, the 94.7 frequency was home of KMET, a totally revered rock station that had hugely popular DJ's and was loved by listeners for years and years.

Metromedia sold its TV stations in 1986 and restructured and became known as Metropolitan Broadcasting. By the end of 1986, the rock format on KMET had very low ratings and as a result, the format would end on February 14, 1987.

The station changed to a New Age Music/Soft Rock/Contemporary Jazz format with the nickname "The Wave," with initial focus primarily on non-vocal new age music. During the Wave's new age music period, management told the station employees to refer to The Wave as a "mood service" rather than a "radio station". You have got to be kidding me, I have never heard that before. For the first 19th months there were no live Disc Jockeys, instead "vignettes" done by actors, reflecting everyday occurrences. Ratings were weak and John Sebastian was hired as the new Program Director. On September 19, 1988 live jocks were back. John hired Don Burns, Talaya Trigueros, Keri Tombazian, Amy Hiatt and China Smith. Who the hell is John Sebastian?

Over the years, the station moved to more of a Smooth jazz sound. Today, the station is still called "The Wave" and plays a mix of smooth jazz, soft R&B hits, AC songs, and some softer rock hits. I beg to differ.

This photo is the transmitter at Mount Wilson. 

I don't know what's going on over there, but it's marginal at best. If I turn on the wave and hear the Low Rider song...I'm pretty much done. Only consultants and bad management and horrible decisions can create such crap. These people create these stations that program to non-humans and only want to get ratings. And now with the personal people meter it will get worse. Commercial music radio is so dead that the sales people have to lie even more than they ever did to trick people into buying ads. It's pretty sad.  

This is Talia and her daughter, one of the DJ's at The Wave.

I don't see this kind of format lasting much longer. I can't imagine with all the digital avenues happening these days that this can go on much longer. Every on air person has done such a great job and I have always enjoyed them.

- JP 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Absolute Great Week Of Shows

Tonight on my way back from the Valley to Anaheim I really noticed how it's starting to get darker, earlier. Holy crap in a few days it's gonna be August, unreal. I escaped the Angel game and Honda Center traffic and got me a cold one. Ahh the weekend.

I turned on Hannity and there was Mark Simone! I love when he fills in. He takes no crap from callers and usually gets into it with someone about how their argument makes no sense. I always enjoy him. He had Ann Coulter on who I think is cool. Surprise...she has a new book coming out...on Liberals. That phone she was on was horrible. She always kind of yells into the mic. Sounded annoyingly distorted, what the hell.

Hugh Hewitt just hit it out of the park all week. Hugh today had on for an hour and a half veteran CBS newsman Dan Raviv. Raviv is host of a weekly radio magazine show, the CBS News Weekend Roundup. A Great Neck, New York native and graduate of Harvard, Raviv joined CBS at its all-news radio station in Boston (WEEI) in 1974, moving to WCBS Newsradio in New York in 1976, then to the network radio newsdesk in New York. The start of his on-air career was his assignment in the Tel Aviv bureau, from 1978 to 1980, followed by twelve years as radio correspondent in the London bureau. There, he began making occasional appearances on CBS TV. He worked in the Miami bureau from 1993 to 1997, and then was named National Correspondent in the radio unit at CBS News in Washington. And as it turns out he's a total expert on the middle east. He came on with Hugh and talked about his new book that Hugh just went wild for:

Lookie here. Mr. John Phillips of KABC radio is officially joining the morning show. McIntyre in the Morning with Teri-Rae Elmer and now John Phillips. Not the sports princess anymore I guess...jingle jingle. Congrats John. I was not a fan of Johns for a while but he grows on you. Easy on the bad jokes Johnny. 

And a couple Friday only things. Conway and Steckler on tonight and every Friday on KFI. I love this. Like old times at KLSX. I love Steckler, so smart and funny. I can do with out Tim singing that Friday song at the top of the show, god god stop singing already Tim, nobody wants to hear that crap. News Girl Amy King was laughing her head off at these guys, pretty good show tonight.

Then over on KRLA every Friday night at around 7:45pm Mike has on for 15 minutes, Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday. It's so funny, Chris berates Mike every week and they argue and laugh. It's a great segment. The big news from the segment was Chris's guest this Sunday.....Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. 

Episode #1 "Here's The Thing" with Alec Baldwin from WNYC
Michael Douglas
Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Weekend! - JP

Turn Up That Blue Flame!

I spend a lot of the day listening to Hugh Hewitt's book "The Brief Against Obama". Audible just added it so I got it. It's really an incredible telling of all the things Obama has done. It's numbers and events and just a huge amount of outrageous and stunning facts. Hugh did an incredible job on this book. He just lays it all out there. It's a must read or get the audiobook. 

Hugh Hewitt also had Dinesh D'Souza on to talk about his movie "Obamas America 2016". This movie is going to be huge.

Then on the drive back from the Valley, at the end of Mark Levin's Show, he had on an amazing guest. Paul Kengor, Ph.D. Paul Kengor is a professor of political science at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. I have never heard of this guy. He comes on to talk about his new book "The Communist, Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mentor". This is mind blowing and explosive. Frank Marshall Davis ran and wrote a column in the Chicago Star back in the mid forties. The Star was a communist newspaper. Frank Marshall Davis was not just a card carrying communist he was a card maker. For some reason that Kengor does not know Davis drops everything in 1948 and moves to Hawaii. He makes friends with Obama's white grand parents who are big lefties. Then starts to mentor Obama at around age nine. There is so much detail here I can't even remember, but this book is very important. Mark Levin was falling all over himself asking him to come back on the show. This thing gets so weird that even a person connected to the Star newspaper mentored David Axlerod in 1970. You will be hearing a lot about this.

A small bit of radio news. Jack Silver is PD of the new NBC SPORTS RADIO NETWORK. 

And this weekend Tim Conway Jr. will be MC-ing at Del Mar:

The Lung Cancer Foundation of America's unique “Day at the Races” event, the only event of its kind in the USA to support lung cancer research, will take place at Del Mar Race Track on Sunday, July 29, 2012 from 1 PM - 6:30 PM. Popular KFI AM 640 Talk Radio Host and horse racing enthusiast, Tim Conway, Jr., will MC, helping to bring attention to Lung Cancer, the USA’s number one cancer killer for both men and women. The day will feature a special “Breath Of Life” race to support lung cancer research and help educate the public about this disease. Billed as a great deal for a great cause, visit the LCFA Day at the Races website for all-inclusive tax deductible tickets and details:

- JP

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Circus is In Town...In More Ways Than One

Anaheim today has the circus in town. It appears to be two days in a row. Jeez I got off the freeway near Angel Stadium at around 4pm and the traffic was horrendous. A day game had just got out and the Barnum and Bailey Circus was bringing in the train with the show that is going to be at the Honda Center next week. Every year when they bring their train cars filled with elephants and the like, people come with chairs and line the street to see them. A half a block from my office, bad vibes for traffic.

I was listening to Tom Leykis at 3pm try to do politics for an hour and it was bad. He says that he rarely does a show about politics, good thing. He based his whole opinion of Romney on one poll that came out today that said Obama is ahead by about 6 points or something. I heard it debunked the rest of the day. Tom says over and over that he doesn't like what Obama has done and thinks he's clueless about the economy but he's still voting for him, oy vey. I thought you were much smarter than that Tom. Tom believes all the bull the left says about how bad Romney is. Ridiculousness. Tom also said "no conservative radio talk show has influence on politics". Politicians are on those shows and millions of people listen. Ridiculousness, again. Here is the poll:


“Mitt Romney he’s speaking to a … segment of the population who does not like to see people other than a white man in the White House or any other elected position. Let’s be real clear about it. We know what’s going on here, and some people may be afraid to say it, but I’m not. I’m not afraid to say it. He’s speaking to the friends out there who do not want to see anybody other than a white person in a leadership position.  … This is not about anything other than they don’t want President Barack Obama in office.

I heard this on Larry Elder and I have one thing to say. This woman is a complete racist and really really annoying and stupid and a complete embarrassment, look at that photo, good god. I'm not taking this crap from anyone, it's about ideas, not race. Take your BS and shove it, nobody is going to take you seriously, ever.

"Your sound track for the end of the Mayan Calendar....KFI"

Mike Gallagher went crazy for this new movie called "Obama's America 2016". It's based on a book by Dinesh D'Souza, who brilliant.

Michael Medved had a very smart guy on named James Glasman. His new book is called the 4% Solution, Unleashing the economic growth America needs. He said that raising taxes would be the exact wrong thing to do now. Great interview. Here is more info on James:

Tonight on Coast to Coast AM....Jesse Ventura...for 2 hours....ahh baboo. He just said "Cuba...they've never done a thing to us". Are you kidding me? How about all the people suffering in that country you jack ass!

Just saw this. The Brief Against Obama is an Audiobook on Audible now. This book by LA's own Hugh Hewitt.

- JP

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Happiest Place on Riot

Well I have to say and acknowledge when someone does a good job and Conway did some really great coverage of the protests in downtown Anaheim tonight. I only heard him sing once. Aron Bender was great as usual and Steve Gregory gets himself right in the middle of all of it and is always awesome. Also Angel Martinez is on the spot every time with updated info, she rocks. I heard at the end of the show that Steve may have got knocked down on the ground. Have to find out more tomorrow. One of the strangest sights I have ever seen was the sky tonight. I work just down the street from Anaheim Stadium and I can see the fireworks nightly from Disneyland. And then to see about 6 helicopters flying over downtown Anaheim and knowing what was happening was just the weirdest thing. From the Happiest Place on Earth to a lot of really stupid pissed off people. I think people that are protesting don't understand that when you are asked to have to go home. If you don't, you might get pepper sprayed or tazed. I saw video of this really good looking Asian girl about 20 years old, kicking police cars as they drove by. One after the other. She was on camera laughing as she's kicking police cars. Think they might be able to identify her? Enjoy your last night in your bed at home. I'm pretty sure she will be spending sometime in jail.

Two celebrities died today, Sherman Hemsley and Chad Everett. I really like both these guys. Chad Everett was huge in his day, great actor. I heard that Sherman started that character George Jefferson on All in the Family, I had forgotten about that. Also lots of talk today about the home run speech that Romney gave in Reno. Hugh Hewitt played the whole thing. Mark Levin said that Romney is "in the zone" right now. I thought it was very Reagan-esk. Hannity asked Carl Rove when and who is the VP running mate going to be. He wouldn't say who but he thinks within the next three weeks we will know.

I just saw this story on Radio Ink Magazine. Salem joins iHeart Radio. This is huge. Clear Channel keeps signing deals with its radio competitors, pushing iHeart Radio closer to becoming the primary audio delivery app for most radio stations across the country. The latest partnership with Salem will bring 97 stations from 37 markets to the iHeart Radio platform. The Salem stations, which focus on Christian and conservative opinion content, will be available on iHeart Radio in September. In return, Salem stations will promote iHeart Radio on the air. Cox and Emmis both joined iHeartRadio last month. KRLA is a Salem station, very cool!

Tom Leykis came on at 3pm and talked about the fact that he knew he didn't want kids at age 8. One of the reasons was seeing and living with and sharing a room as a kid with an older Uncle that was retarded. A very personal and compelling story. I love when a host comes on and tells personal stories like this. Bravo Tom.

Mike Nolan was on with Bill Handel on KFI Tuesday. Check out this great interview about is plane crash.

Gary Lycan's article in the OC Register about Mike Nolan. Also info on Mark and Brian.

- JP

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Effected By Events

Dennis Prager this Monday morning sounded genuinely depressed about this Colorado shooting. His voice was muted and lower than normal. Everybody was talking about it today of course. Friday for me was bad, I was very effected by this event and still am. And then to see this guy in court, oh brother.

I turned on Leykis and he was doing Money Monday. Boring sorry. I switched over to Hugh Hewitt, who was back from two weeks in Europe. Hugh had on a brilliant guy named John Burns. He is a British journalist, winner of two Pulitzer Prizes. He is the London bureau chief for The New York Times. Very knowledgeable about Middle East. He had a dim forecast for Iraq and Afghanistan. He does not have high hopes for progress and sees signs of things falling apart. Not good news.

Hugh also was talking on air with his producer call screener jack of all trades, affectionately known as General Alismo by Hugh, Duane Patterson. Duane revealed that he has a cancerous tumor in his throat or on his tonsils. He came on and talked about it a bit, he sounds fearless in the reality of it. Good for him. Get well soon Duane. That's him in the red shirt. And that goofy guy with the blue shirt, that's Hugh. 

On Mark Levin was the ever present John Lott, who shows up when people are talking about shootings and gun control. One of the most knowledgeable people on guns and stats on shootings and people that own guns. His great book should be read by all.

Astronaut Sally Ride died today. She made a huge impact as the first woman in space for the US Space Program. I remember the press making a huge deal out of her trip into space, it was all over TV and I followed it closely. RIP.

Just a little mention of two people that are not talked about a lot but I think do a pretty good job. I tune in occasionally and they are always upbeat and have a great sense of humor. I have never seen them before till I found this graphic of them. I gotta check them out more. They do kind of a news talk commenting drive time thing. It's hard to nail it down because it's on KFWB an all news station. Good stuff.

I turned on Dennis Miller and there sitting in was the great Royal Oaks. This guy is a brilliant lawyer and great talker. He's usually a guest on most shows. John Phillips had a regular spot every week there for a while. I don't think I've ever heard him host or fill in.

One last thing. At 9pm I turned on KFI and heard the return of Tim Conway Jr after two weeks. He's back in full force with absolutely no show. Him and Aron Bender at 9pm came on singing John Denver songs. If you're into that kind of thing go crazy. I am amazed that this guy is permitted to do this.

- JP

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Godspeed Mike Nolan

My heart goes out to LA's own Mike Nolan, known as KFI in the Sky. A passenger and Mike were injured in a crash today. Mike is an icon of LA radio, he just seems to always be there.

From the KFI website.
Today at 6:18PM, KFI AM640’s longtime traffic reporter, Mike Nolan, was involved in a plane accident just east of the Corona Municipal Airport. Current reports state that both Mike and his passenger escaped with non life-threatening injuries. It appears engine malfunction was the primary cause. I heard that they hit some power lines and on impact the plane caught fire.

Mike was born in Van Nuys, and raised in North Hollywood. Long before he covered traffic on the freeways, he played on them…..well, in the construction zone of the 170 anyway. Mike’s radio career began in 1973, in Truckee California. Having been a pilot since 1969, Mike was able to combine his love of radio and flying in 1980, becoming a Traffic Pilot/ Reporter in San Jose. After a year in the Bay Area, Mike and his wife Laurie spent 5 years in Phoenix, coming to KFI in 1986 to succeed the legendary Bruce Wayne. Mike and Laurie have a son, Jeremy, who was born in 1988. He is also a pilot, who hopes to make aviation a career. Mike meanwhile no longer flies daily, but we still have our KFI in the Sky airplane standing by for breaking news. For fun, Mike loves golf, wine, and riding his Harley. Whether on the ground or in the air, Mike’s over 30 year career of covering traffic makes him one of the most experienced traffic reporters in the country. 

Get well soon Mike

- JP

A photo of Mike Nolan at home looking pretty good.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Goldberg, Crummey, The Nexus and The Swingin' Years

This morning it was all about Jonah Goldberg. A conservative syndicated columnist and author. Goldberg is known for his contributions on politics and culture to National Review Online, of which he is editor-at-large. He was on Dennis Prager's show and also on Adam Carolla's show yesterday.

I like this guy a lot. He's thoughtful and smart and makes a lot of sense. He has a great sense of humor as well. He has a new book out, The Tyranny of Cliches. One little piece of interesting trivia is that his mother Lucianne Goldberg was the one who advised Linda Tripp to record her conversations with Monica Lewinsky and to save the dress. He's been hanging out in LA probably taking his family to Disneyland or something. He lives in the DC area. Here are some links to all his stuff.

Here is a photo posted on Twitter by Dennis Prager of Jonah Goldberg in studio. Yes that's Allen on the right.

I almost never tune over to KABC in the morning because Geraldo is on, but sitting in for him this week is good ol' Joe Crummey! This guy has been around for so many years. He's funny and smart and it's good to hear him back on in LA.


Thursday is my weekly listen to TWIG (This Week in Google) with Leo Laporte, Gina Trapani ad Jeff Jarvis talking computers and the internet. They record the show on Wednesday available at

This week they went heavy on the new CEO of Yahoo, former Google employee number #20 Marissa Mayer. They went on and on about what a great job she's gonna do and that she's kind of a tyrant and will turn the great ship around bla bla bla. She's going to have a baby in 3 months and just took this new job. They never talked about how that could effect her performance as a CEO. It's like it was off limits or something. I think that's the story, but that's just me.

Gina was going gaga for the new Google Nexus 7 Tablet. And when Gina likes something it must be good. She's a no nonsense developer/programmer and she knows her stuff. So I bought one.

Some bad news about one of Leo's long time friends Kevin Rose. The internet company that he started about 7 years ago DIGG is no more. They sold it off and the plug got pulled. Kevin has not been involved for a couple of years. One of the reasons he sort of divested himself, Leo says is the fact that Kevin wanted to sell DIGG to Rupert Murdock in 2006 for $35 million and the DIGG board would not let him! Wow.

** Don't you love when callers hit the phone keys while talking when they are on the air?

Tom Leykis was talking about cutting the cord with your phone company and your cable or satellite companies. He was saying with channels being taken off by Via Com he searched around and found shows that he can watch online. I have cut the cord on both phone and cable for over 4 years now. I refuse to pay a cable company $125 a month for that crap, no way. D..U..N...... DUN.

"This is Atlas Shrugged and we are in the middle of it right now" - Dennis Miller

Dennis was back from vacation today and pissed, just how I like him. No it's just that he says he shakes his head at Obama and can not believe the Alice in Wonderland bunny hole we are going down.

I saw this and was so happy about it. A Los Angeles icon of radio last Sunday got an appreciation award for his jazz show. His radio show "The Swingin' Years," which he has hosted continuously for a record 56 years, interviewing Louis Armstrong, Gene Autry, Doris Day and the like. I remember as a kid hearing my mother listening to his show on 1260 KGIL in the Valley, same station that Sweet Dick Whittington was on. He was always there and you knew that voice when it came on. Great pipes and what staying power! Bravo to you Chuck Cecil!

- JP