Wednesday, June 6, 2012

There is No Singing in Talk Radio!

You know days like today are iffy. Sometimes election days are filled with talk about nothing but the election. I think tomorrow will probably be filled with a lot of that analysis. If every radio station is talking about the same thing, why do they think people want to listen to that? I would be just as happy to hear about it for one segment and then move on to an author or talk about the middle east or something, anything. I think it's awesome that Scott Walker won and I think this could be the bell weather for the election, let's hope so. But tomorrow could be interesting, Obama is in LA (traffic!) and the Kings could win the Stanley Cup (traffic!) and it's getting hotter and it's summer (pissed off guys with guns). Some crazy thing is on the way, I can feel it.

Tom Leykis came on today and asked "What do you think of Obama?" "I think Obama has a great foreign policy" I was blown away by that comment. Tom thinks Obama is completely incompetent on the economy but is still going to vote for him. I do not get that at all. I agree with Tom on most things but have always been baffled by his politics. He made this comment "Occupy Wall Street, Tea Party? Same thing" He had a couple really good callers ask important questions like why didn't he close Gitmo? Tom came back with, he would rather have Obama (who he voted for) than Romney. I'm voting for Romney and if he doesn't do what he says I will be first in line to light the biggest fire under his ass you have ever seen. In my mind all you have to do is read the Constitution and see that Romney is for it and Obama is not. I'm with our founders, it's just that simple. The bigger the government the smaller the citizen. <--------- see that? That's a period.

I know I write a lot about Tom but he has been providing lots of interesting stuff lately. One more thing that is a must see, if your a fan of Tom. A Santa Barbara newspaper went to Tom's ranch and took video. In the piece he says that he thinks people will see this and want to come there "Please don't" So this is probably why Tom didn't mention it on the show. I didn't hear him anyway. This video shows the outside of his beautiful house and they talk to Tom about the show.

NewsMax Top 25 Radio Hosts, number 25...Tom

Larry Elder was talking about this today:

Analyst: Facebook will disappear in 5 to 8 years

Not sure where I heard this.
A bus driver has sued a Connecticut hospital, saying staff at an affiliated facility failed to promptly and properly treat his painful erection and watched a baseball game on television while he waited. I thought that was the treatment, Baseball...Baseball, Baseball. isn't that supposed to help calm you down?

Hugh Hewitt quoted the Wizard of Oz. I can not escape this movie.
"If I were King of the Forest, Not queen, not duke, not prince."

Then a great episode of The Adam Carolla Show with David Wild and Pia Zadora. I have not heard about Pia Zadora in years. She was super hot in her day. Then became kinda of the butt of jokes then reinvented herself and went on tour with Frank Sinatra. This is a great interview and she's really funny and cool. I enjoyed it.

Adam talked about racing up in Sonoma last weekend then David Wild's buddy Brad Paisley calls on the phone. Adam and Pia were talking about Sinatra and what a hard ass he was and how he treated Jr badly.

"You invite him over to your house, how many seconds does it take Tom Dreesen to to mention Frank Sinatra?" - Adam Carolla

They went on to talk about Richard Dawson who has just died. I had forgotten he was on Match Game. Before or after Gene Rayburn? Did you know Richard Dawson recorded a very bad tune called Apples and Oranges? it's worth a tumble.

Adam also mentioned that he is in talks with Taco Bell to possibly team up with the launch of his new book "Not Taco Bell Material" I think that would be brilliant and get Taco Bell into the new media arena. Those suits probably aren't savvy enough to know how cool that would be.

Myles Berman Announces Sponsorship of The Adam Carolla Show

A couple other things of note:

Tim Conway Jr. and Aron Bender tonight were heard singing the Banana Boat song as well as Dennis Miller singing something from the possibly made up Broadway version of Carrie. This is in direct violation of the "No singing on Talk Radio" rule that I have imposed. It's guaranteed to make someone (me) turn to another radio station or listen to a podcast or an audiobook. Which is easy for me. Lots of other choices, at least 8. Also I wore my "I voted" sticker on my lapel, screw you Tim.

And a shout out to an LA Radio icon Larry Van Nuys doing election coverage on KABC tonight. Man that guy has smooth pipes.

- JP

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