Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm Definitely A P1

I slid though downtown LA after everyone was at the Kings game at Staples around 6pm. Then at around 8pm after the game got out I slid though East LA with no traffic on the return trip. Just lucky I guess. Conway was all sports tonight and then horse racing, Kim Kardashian tomorrow Tim?

New York Post lists 'Top 10 Most Hated People in America' Number 7....Kim Kardashian

Michael Medved was talking about Miss Ohio Audrey Bolte during the Miss Universe pageant. Bolte was asked a question about how women are portrayed in the media ... and she chose "Pretty Woman" -- a film about a prostitute -- as an example of a role that could inspire young women. You can almost see the realization of the remark start to sink in as soon as she said it ... and as she tried to get back on course she began to stumble and ramble. Bolte ultimately finished in third place.

David Limbaugh was all over Talk Radio Monday talking about his new book "The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama's War on the Republic". He's a very passionate speaker and the two interviews I heard on Hannity and Levin were great. This book sounds very compelling. A lot of what I heard today on conservative radio was what dire straights Obama is in. Also what dire straights our economy is still in. The world news is not much better with crap going on in Syria and Iran heating up. Limbaugh was very forceful in these interviews about events and things that Obama has done. It's frankly looking pretty good for Romney. We now have several Dems coming out and denouncing him.

Obama is a very very bright...leftist. - Dennis Prager

Tom Leykis again, talked about the future of Talk Radio Monday. Man oh man I just love this stuff. Tom is so thoughtful and insightful about this topic. You gotta hear this first hour. I think this is so important and if you hate Tom I challenge you to listen for just the first 30 minutes of his first hour today. Just an amazing hour. It will repeat at 3am, 6am, 9am, 12 noon. http://blowmeuptom.com/

Tom said that the Santa Barbara News Press did a story on him. I went there and you have to subscribe to read it. I did another search for it and came up empty.

A few quotes from Tom: "It's exciting to come in here everyday and do this show" "People in Radio are not having fun right now" "it's a level playing field now" "in radio lingo their is something called P-1's that's code for our most ardent listeners" "I don't come in here and try to run things up the flag pole, I am the fucking flag pole".

I was looking at what exactly is on the Tune In App that is for listening to Tom and tons of other things. I mean tons. Holy crap I went though the menus and it's just endless. I even looked up some local hosts and was surprised to see Doug McIntyre. The show is was current. Not all were. I saw a listing for Tim Conway Jr with a photo of John and Ken next to it and it was from 2010 sometime. I think if local radio shows get current on these phone apps they may be able to stay alive a little longer. But I know radio hates the Internet so I doubt it.

Big big story today even though I have only heard him fill in for Rush or Hannity or somebody, Neil Boortz in broadcasting for 42 years retires and gives the show to Herman Cain! http://dailycaller.com/2012/06/04/report-boortz-to-retire-cain-to-take-over-radio-show/

Robin Quivers back on board at Sirius XM with Howard Stern following surgery.

I never heard that Steven King owned radio stations.

In April, author Stephen King told the Daily Beast Web site he was “losing my shirt” on his two Bangor-area radio stations, WZON (620 AM and 103.1 FM), which air liberal talk shows. While King’s rock station WKIT (100.3 FM) finished third in the market in the most recent Arbitron ratings, the other stations failed to even crack the top ten.

On May 31, King took action, laying off afternoon sportscasters Dale Duff, who’d been at the AM station for nineteen years, and co-host Clem LaBree. The two had been doing a sports talk show from 4-6 p.m., the last remnant of WZON’s previous incarnation as an all-sports station.

King delivered the bad news personally, according to the Bangor Daily News. “He said we were losing too much money,” Duff is quoted as saying. “He said it didn’t have anything to do with broadcast quality.”

The LA Kings may win the Stanley Cup on Wednesday at Staples. I wonder if NBC will decide to finally broadcast a game. Oh yea and Obama is in LA for yet another fundraiser and spending our money on jet fuel to do it. It should be an interesting day.......

- JP

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