Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Illustrated Man, Hockey, and The First Drive In

On Wednesday we here in LA were all hyped up with the Kings game being played at Staples and the President coming to town. I had a pretty busy drive from Anaheim to West Hills. I left at around 5:15 and got to the Valley at around 7:15. That's a normal busy day. I flew back though. I was right around the LA Zoo when the game got out and hauled ass though East LA.

Leykis was ranting about the President coming to town. Holy crap was he pissed. I don't think I've ever heard him that pissed and use more profanity than that. It was great LOL. And after that broadcast he and Gary went and saw the Kings lose and then had to catch a plane out of LAX for New York. I don't imagine he was all to happy. He also did an hour on the top ten most annoying celebrities. He brought in the boys, quite an entertaining hour. It repeats till tomorrow at 3pm at I'm not getting paid for this I promise you.

I started out the day hearing Michael Medved talk about Bill Press the Liberal talk show host that used to be here in LA at KABC for years. Bills an OK guy but he goes off on tangents. He must not be getting enough attention these days because he came out and said that the National anthem is an 'abomination'. Now this can not do anybody any good and it's hurtful and insulting and just plain stupid. Nobody is going to take this crap seriously. I will be avoiding this schmuck forever now.

Michael also had on a very interesting guy that is Muslim and wants to make his religion and the relationship with other Americans work for everyone here in the US, and for Muslim people to embrace America. Very smart guy. He grew up in Wisconsin and is a football fan and a religious Muslin. Zuhdi Jasser, is a medical doctor specializing internal medicine and nuclear cardiology in Phoenix, Arizona. Very interesting interview. And here is his book.

Ray Bradbury died today. I was skipping around the dial and heard an incredible interview with Joe Montegna talking about his friend. I did not know that Joe and him were friends. Just an incredible piece of audio. Thinking about Bradbury's passing I'm reminded of my Uncle Jack Smight who directed Bradbury's Illustrated Man starring Rod Steiger, Claire Bloom from 1969. I have a black and white still of a mannequin that looks like Rod Steiger with all the tattoos. Pretty weird film. Bradbury was an Angeleno though and though. Add him to the huge legacy of this town. Rest in Peace. 

Nationally syndicated Talk host G. GORDON LIDDY will be retiring from his daily radio program on the Radio America network; his last show will be FRIDAY, JUNE 27th. I always enjoyed his show but have not listened in quite a few years. I could not tell you where to find his show. Lots of history with this guy. If you have no idea who I'm talking about do a wiki search. This guy was huge in the 70's. Very articulate and funny. Despite some things I think he was a patriot and a good American.

Larry Elder was talking about Tommy Lasorda and the must hear classic audio here (1.5 minutes): 

I heard this on the radio today: PITTSBURGH – The 500 millionth lighter produced by the family-owned Zippo Manufacturing in northwestern Pennsylvania didn't exactly roll off the assembly line Tuesday.

A cool Google Doodle. The 79th anniversary of the first Drive In movie. I miss the Victory Drive In!

"I see Pelosi and I tell my kids, I want you to be not like that woman." - Dennis Miller.

"This morning I was halfway to work when I realized I forgot my car. I was just flying." - Doug McIntyre

- JP

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