Friday, May 11, 2012


A very nice goodbye to KFI board op Randy Wang tonight. Here is a great photo from traffic center girl Angel Martinez (click to enlarge). I'm still stunned that KFI would let someone like Randy go.

I always tune into the Conway and Steckler Show on Fridays. Their was some concern that Steckler would not be in tonight because he's been pretty sick. Don't know the details. Conway belongs with a partner. Lately I just can't take the show his does solo. Sound effects and drops repeated over and over and him yelling into the mic. It's just not a good show. I have no idea how he gets away with it. But when he's with Steckler its great. I love Doug Steckler and all those years with them together was just fantastic. It was my favorite show for years. Doug is so quick witted and smart. A real pleasure to listen to and he kept Tim on his toes. They had an appearance in Long Beach one time years ago and Doug jumped off the stage to have a confrontation with a heckler and broke his leg. I think that's when the station decided not to renew his contract. Just my opinion. He appeared on the air to be drunk several times, which I thought was great, entertaining anyway. Maybe that was a bit, I don't know. It's hard to tell what was a bit and what was not sometimes. Then when he left and was replaced by Brian Whitman I was pissed! I got used to it and loved the chemistry that Brian and Tim had, after a while I thought they were fantastic together too. Hard to believe all that is over. It was almost 14 years long that run.

Way back in 1996 I first heard Conway and Steckler on KLSX 97.1 The FM Talk Station, known then as Real Radio. They followed this show called the Regular Guys at around noon time. Then they eventually got moved to nights. Gerry the old board op was great and Randy added a lot to the show.

In other news. I woke up to the Happiness Hour with Dennis Prager one of my favorite shows that is a Friday only thing. Then hearing Michael Medved and Sean Hannity talk about Mitt Romeny and his High School pranks Jesus! Who cares about this crap? Medved is doing his show from Israel on Monday. Those are always interesting shows.

One funny thing that Michael Medved talked about today. He and a couple other students got money to go to San Diego for a debate when he was in High School. Their was no debate, he was chasing some girl. Then they went to a trophy store and bought a trophy to bring back with them. They told the school that they had won the debate and that trophy is in the High School trophy case. Pretty funny.

Tom Leykis hit it out of the park today. He started by talking about someone in terrestrial radio that is emailing him and telling him that he is being spyed on. The emailer says that they had the IT dept unblock so they could check out what he's doing. Also management is scared that some talent might have the same idea and leave to do their own show online. Tom said this is not the only person doing this. Tom said that it warms his heart.

The old radio DJ Poorman from KROQ called in today and said his name was Trevor. Tom recognized his voice after he hung up.

"Radio as we know it is dying" Tom Leykis.

- JP

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  1. Good take on radio LA all you mention. From days of memory to what's still on today.
    I'm bookmarking this. Keep going...